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O é o primeiro sistema alternativo para recarga fácil e econômica de carros elétricos e outros veículos com bateria. Ele é projetado para ser divulgado globalmente através da instalação de estações eCharge em hotéis, escritórios, shopping centers, estacionamentos e outros locais amigáveis ​​ao cliente.
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Sobre is the e-mobility platform for tomorrow's e-drivers. Smart, sustainable and made for the future. We provide charging stations to hotels so they can provide charges to e- drivers. These charging stations can be located, booked and paid for via the mobile application. The app also provides tailor-made offers such as hotel bookings to e- drivers. Our goal is the EU-wide coverage of charging stations and the growth of Europe’s largest community for e-mobility.

E-mobility is far more than just a temporary trend - it is our future. The only hurdle eDrivers currently have to overcome is limited battery range and the shortage of e-charging stations. Although the future is clear, the largest automotive manufacturers presently, such as VW, Nissan, Toyota Volvo, BMW and Porsche are faced with the problem of a non-existent or poorly developed infrastructure at charging stations. So, if you want to travel with your electric car, you have to plan your route well and drive from charging station to charging station - if charging stations are present at all. This is why is here: to create the infrastructure boom that e-mobility needs.

Would you go to a hotel that has no WI-FI? In the future, the same logic will count for hotels that do not offer e-vehicle charging stations.
The share of Europe's total electricity consumption from electric vehicles will increase from approximately 0.03% in 2014 to around 4-5% by 2030 and 9.5% by 20501. The growth will be accelerated with countries such as France, UK, Germany the Netherland and Sweden planning to ban the sale of petrol and diesel cars by 2040. The growing demand for e- charging infrastructure is an undeniable hyper trend.

With the continuous improvement in battery technologies, the current limited range problem of electric cars is increasingly moving to the background, nevertheless, e-drivers have to the batteries of their vehicles on multi-day trips. Access to charging stations will therefore become a real issue for e-drivers. Luckily, with the mobile application, e-drivers can conveniently book a charging station when they book a hotel room. Problem solved!

According to a study conducted by the DLR (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft und Raumfahrt), an average eCar driver is a well-educated, high-earning 51-year-old. His motivations for buying an e-car are environmental concern and the thrill of driving an e-vehicle. The annual driving performance of 10,000 km is still lower than performance achieved by usual propulsion methods. One of the reasons is the small number of available charging stations. Most drivers demand significantly more. E-drivers belong to a fast-growing customer base for hoteliers and gastronomes. Tap the opportunity and get your first charging station today.

In Germany and Austria only 300 hotels provide charging services for their clients’ e- vehicles. Thousands of hotel parking lots are therefore left untapped. This opportunity is truly immense and will capitalize on this opportunity to become the largest player in this market.

We install user-friendly, efficient and smart e-vehicle charging infrastructure free of charge at hotels in exchange for an exclusive service delivery agreement and a small rental fee. We will serve existing e-drivers better and provide them with exclusive upselling opportunities. For future e-drivers, we will be the standard by which the competition is judged. Whether the metric is eco-friendliness, user-friendliness, convenience, innovation or availability - will lead the market.


  • O oferece aos membros da comunidade a possibilidade de pesquisar hotéis adequados com estações de recarga e reservá-los diretamente por meio da plataforma
  • Diretório de todas as estações de carregamento disponíveis na Alemanha e na Áustria
  • Mapa de hotéis e reserva de quartos, incluindo estação de carregamento, com tarifa
  • Ativação e iniciação da plataforma da comunidade eCharge do processo de cobrança, que permite ofertas especiais do hotel parceiro para o usuário do aplicativo
  • Carteira de token de ECHARGE (ECHG) & nbsp;
  • Capacidade de pagamento e, portanto, cobrar diretamente em todas as estações de carregamento
  • Ativação do QR: & nbsp; Ativação do processo de cobrança eletrônica por meio de varreduras de código QR

Informações técnicas

  • Carrega até 22 kW AC
  • Suporte ou suporte de parede
  • Modem 4G como ponto de acesso
  • Câmera para detectar o vandalismo de estações de recarga
  • Microfone, alto-falante como Amazon Alexa para controle de voz
  • Feixe de LED
  • para diferenciar entre o & amp; motores de combustão
  • Pagamento de RFID com cartão de membro
  • NFC para pagamento sem fio com cartão de crédito
  • Gerenciamento remoto
  • Carregador inteligente, controlado pelo mecanismo AI para gerenciar o fluxo de energia
  • Pagamento com criptografia ETH, Dash ou cartão de crédito

% name% Roadmap

  • April 15th - November 30th: ICO running

  • December 2018: 10 major Exchanges start trading eCharge token

  • January 2019: Rollout in Asia

  • June 2019: Rollout in US

  • consulte Mais informação
  • 2020: Vehicle2Grid to earn money with your eCar

  • 2021: Vehicle2Vehicle for Peer2Peer Energy Trade based on eCharge Tokens


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Markus Dold
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project? What do you think about idea?
eCharge – the eMobility market leader for charging and discharging all moving powered battery devices and become the biggest energy storage company without any owned batteries by installing an eCharge station  in  each and every hotel, offices, parking lots, everywhere where the car is not used.
Valeria Vasilachi
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Business developer, team lider
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Information Technology Engineer. Expert in the field of finance, cryptocurrency, blockсhain and ICO. Specialist in computer technology, software, Internet. Experience in sales, PR marketing, graphics and multimedia. Consultant for the promotion and analysis of projects.
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Digital & performance Marketing
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Social Media monitoring, analysing and guidance.
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Media Manager at
Specialist in event planning, marketing media management. Reaching agreements, aimed at implementing the financial stability of the company.

Idea of eCharge it is a great step to our future with electric vehicles, eCharge stations and pollution reduction of ambient. makes our lives better. eCharge thinks about today and tomorrow edrivers. The development of the charging infrastructure and the network of eCharge stations it is necessary today. We need eCharge stations for development of the electric transport infrastructure.
Alan Torr
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project? What do you think about idea?
Its a real pleasure to with the tam at eCharge. I'm an English speaking Admin in their Telegram. Having been an investor and trader in cryptos for around 4 years now and have seen many changes in that time. I enjoy evaluating up coming ICO's and discussing all the latest happenings within the crypto universe. I was born and raised in London, England and moved to New Zealand around 7 years ago. I have a young family and enjoy many different pastimes, these include music production, walking, keeping fit and reading.
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