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귀하의 병력은 변조 방지 기능이 있으며 Blockchain 데이터 보안 및 배포 기능 덕분에 항상 사용할 수 있습니다. 의료 기록의 어느 부분을 볼 수 있는지 그리고 누가 언제 어떻게 접근했는지를 알 수있는 제공자를 선택하십시오 귀하의 개인 정보는 HIPAA 준수 방식으로 완벽하게 보호됩니다.
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10월, 2018
3월, 2019
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Embleema Inc
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United States, France
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Jun 1, 2017
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약 Embleema

Embleema 정보

Blockchain 기술은 환자, 의료 전문가, 건강 보험 가입자 및 의료 제공자에게 환자의 병력에 대해 포괄적이고 포괄적이며 신뢰할 수있는 관점을 제공 할 수있는 이상적인 표준이라고 생각합니다. 거래 장부로 보존 될 때, 환자의 의료 기록은 환자의 정당한 승인하에 모든 이해 관계자에게 명확하게 접근 할 수 있으며 최상의 치료 옵션을 결정할 수 있습니다.

PatientTruth & trade; 병원, 1 차 진료 사례, 재활 센터, 요양원 및 긴급 치료 센터와 같은 다양한 의료 서비스 센터에서 환자의 다양한 의료 기록에 연결하는 클라우드 및 블록 체인 기반 소프트웨어 솔루션이며, 포괄적 인, 그리고 변조 방지 의료 기록. PatientTruth & trade; 의료기관 및 의료 센터 전반에 걸친 환자의 병력에 대한 전체적인 시각을 제공합니다.


Patients can:

• Register and sign-on through the Patient Dapp interface,

• Upload their health records in the Blockchain, • Visualize their patient record,

• Authorize the sharing of their identified patient record to providers,

• Expose and sell their health records in the Marketplace against RWE tokens,

• Visualize a full audit-trail on their patient record access and health records sold,

• Visualize a statement of his/her RWE transactions.


Providers can:

• Register and sign-on through the Provider Dapp interface,

• Visualize an identified patient record, with due consent from the patient,

• Perform a health record quality check, when requested by the health record data owner,

• Visualize a statement of his/her RWE transactions,


Care Centers and other Data Owners can:

• Register and sign-on through the Data Owner Dapp interface,

• Have their health records indexed into the Blockchain and linked to patients,

• Expose and sell their health records in the Marketplace against RWE tokens, with due consent from the patients,

• Visualize a statement of RWE transactions,


Pharma companies, Payers and other Data Buyers can:

• Register and sign-on through the Data Buyer Dapp interface,

• Expose their inclusion criteria for health record purchases,

• Browse a list of data owners which own health records matching their inclusion criteria,

• Select the data owners they wish to purchase health records from,

• Execute the purchase in RWE tokens with data owners,

• Visualize a statement of RWE transactions,


Pharma companies and authorities can:

• Register and sign-on through the Real-World Evidence Dapp interface,

• Pharma companies register health products on which they wish to share with authorities Real-World Evidence, and define the patient records they wish to share,

• Authorities can visualize the shared Real-World Evidence from Pharma companies.

We expect Version 2 to be HIPAA compliant (see “Embleema and Privacy Compliance section” below) for the U.S. users and GDPR compliant for the European users. Version 2 will include health records from U.S. patients. Version 2 is planned to launch in Q3 2019.

기술 정보

Embleema Health Blockchain Version 2 contains the following features:

• Healthcare specific smart contracts managing patient consent,
health record storage, patient record storage and sharing (identified
and de-identified), patient record access audit-trail and the
• Built-in RWE token generated by the Blockchain for transaction
fees and other rewards. RWE token transactions require no “gas”
fee payment from the sender and have a predictable mining time,
• APIs and health record parsers to integrate into the Blockchain
various data format inputs for health records such as HL 7 FHIR,
CCD, proprietary connected devices formats and other health
record format,
• Scalability: up to 2 million patients for the U.S. market place,
• Performance: visualization of health records should occur under
2 seconds, mining in the Blockchain should occur under 5 seconds,
reconciling data buyers with data owners inclusion criteria
in the Marketplace should occur under 1 minute, other batch
processing such as data sources parsing and indexing will be
assessed in terms of performance for each data source.

Smart-contract exposed to the network participants are:
• Health Record: write, read a health record in the Blockchain,
• Patient Record: connect health records to a given patient, read
the patient record from the Blockchain ,
• Patient Consent: defines patient’s authorization to share his
health records (identified and de-identified),
• Audit Trail: provides data owners audit-trail on accesses
to their health records,
• Marketplace: exposes data owners health records meta-data
after due authorization from patients, allows data buyers to search
health records for purchase, matches data buyers’ inclusion criteria
with data owners records, executes purchase transactions
between data buyers and data owners,
• RWE token smart-contract: issues RWE tokens as rewards for
data owners for storing health records in the Blockchain (first 3 years)

Embleema Roadmap

  • Embleema’s growth plan

  • Embleema has already launched the first patient Blockchain.

    Version 1 is publicly accessible at https://patienttruth.embleema.com
    and contains the following functionalities:
    • Upload HL7 Continuity of Care Documents (CCD) medical records
    into blockchain by patients (U.S. patients only),
    • Upload of Fitbit information into blockchain by patients,
    • Consolidation of CCDs (U.S. patients only) and Fitbit information
    into a Medical history stored securely on blockchain,
    • Authorization management from patients for the sharing of their
    Medical history with providers,
    • Visualization by providers of patients’ Medical histories after due
    authorization from patients,
    • Audit-trail for patients of Medical history accesses by providers,
    • Compensation to patients in EBL tokens for uploading CCDs
    (U.S. patients only) and Fitbit information, as well as referrals of
    new patients and providers.

    Version 1 will be used to pilot and prove in real-life the relevance of
    the 2 key concepts carried by the Embleema Health Blockchain:
    • Patients have control of their health records and may share and
    sell their data to pharma companies: this pilot will start in September
    2018 with cysticfibrosis.com, a U.S. based patient community in
    Cystic Fibrosis (announced on July 17, 2018: https://medcitynews.
    • Pharma companies and regulators share the next generation of
    RWE: real-time, individual-patient level 360 view medical histories,
    with continuous monitoring of the same patient and his/her full
    and trusted consent: this pilot will start in January 2019 with
    a top-5 global pharma company and a leading health regulator
    (announcement planned in Q4 2018).
  • End of 2019

  • End of 2019, Embleema expects to expand its Blockchain to the French
    market and the China marketplace with its 800 million connected patient
    population by striking a set of strategic distribution partnerships with major
    local players in the healthcare and technology industry.
  • Q3 2019

  • Concurrently to its V2 launch in Q3 2019, Embleema plans to set up consulting
    services for pharmaceuticals and health network to facilitate the
    adoption of blockchain in their processes and systems.
  • 2021

  • In 2021, Embleema plans to launch V3 of its Health Blockchain Network
    which will able to integrate mining nodes from pharma companies, payers
    and care centers. V3 will also implement an API allowing third party patient
    app providers to connect to the Blockchain and offer personalized services
    to patients through the Blockchain.
  • 더 읽기
  • 2022

  • For 2022, with a critical mass of patient records stored onto the Blockchain,
    Embleema plans to offer advanced analytics services for various purposes:
    population health, observational studies, safety studies. Embleema will also
    start researching the possibility of offering predictive medicine services
    based on the wealth of data stored in the Blockchain.


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30 Days Growth:

검증 됨 100%

Robert Chu
Founder, CEO and CTO
검증 됨
Prashant Khambekar,...
Chief Blockchain Development Executive
검증 됨
Pradeep Sreekanthan
Chief Delivery Officer
검증 됨
Vincent Galand
Manager, Operations
검증 됨
Pascal Becache
Business Development Executive
검증 됨
Nicolas Schmidt
Chief Product Officer
검증 됨
Alexis Normand
Head of Blockchain Consortium
검증 됨


검증 됨 29%

주의. 확인되지 않은 회원은 실제로 팀원이 아닌 위험이 있습니다.

Vahan Simonyan, PhD
Advisor | Chief Scientist - WHISE-Embleema Health...
확인되지 않음
Frederic Duchesne, P...
Advisor | CEO of Pierre Fabre Pharmaceuticals
확인되지 않음
Atakan Seçkin
Advisor | User Experience
검증 됨
Pr. John Halamka, MD
Advisor | Professor of Innovation at Harvard Medic...
확인되지 않음
Adel Al-Saleh
Advisor | CEO of T-Systems and Board Member of Deu...
확인되지 않음
Bernard Gilly, PhD
Advisor | CEO at GenSight Biologics & Chairman at...
확인되지 않음
Lorenzo Nardiello
Social Media Manager
검증 됨

Embleema Interviews

Atakan Seçkin
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
Branding, UI/UX design and implementation of PatientTruth (since POC to product launch) ICO dashboard and future projects
What do you think about idea?
I've designed several products in healthcare industry prior to this project, and none of those projects placed the patient in the center - information asymmetry is a real problem. I believe blockchain with thoughtful design can enable patients to do so much more with their data - not only in terms of being aware, but also the control to choose who can see your data, and monetize it on your own terms and no one else's. We know we have a long road ahead, but I have confidence that we have the best team in the world to be making this product, and we can evolve it in a way that will disrupt existing industries.
Lorenzo Nardiello
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
I am in charge of the social media : Telegram, Bitcointalk, Reddit, Discord ... I also organize the bounty program that will come soon and manage our ambassador.
What do you think about idea?
Imagine a world in which you can contribute to medical research and create safer, less expensive and faster new treatments against cancer and rares diseases. Imagine a tamper-proof, holistic, longitudinal and patient-centric worldwide health record interfacing with medical researchers, health regulators, physicians, care centers and the pharmaceutical industry.
Robert Chu
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
Founder and CEO of Embleema
I am responsible for overall product strategy, go-to-market and sales of our Embleema Health Blockchain which was launched publicly in July 2018
What do you think about idea?
Embleema Health Blockchain helps patients to advance clinical research by securely sharing their data to pharmaceutical companies during real-world evidence and clinical trial studies. Pharmaceutical companies benefit from faster and more precise data which they can in turn share with regulators such as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Ultimately, patients receive innovative treatments sooner, this is the meaning of our work.
Prashant Khambekar, PhD
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
I handle the blockchain development. This includes the ICO/token part.

I also help determine the strategy of the company and its products.
What do you think about idea?
It is a wonderful idea whose time has come. Patients should have the right to control their own health data. The token mechanism helps maintain third-party oversight into the Embleema products.
Pradeep Sreekanthan
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
Delivering different versions of the platform. Making the customer experience delightful and easy. Working with various teams.
What do you think about idea?
Revolutionary - bringing healthcare to the blockchain is unusual and will be quite disruptive. RWE in particular.
Vincent Galand
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
I am Ops Manager at Embleema Inc. and run Embleema’s ICO operations, coordinating the team of technical experts, legal advisors, social media marketing manager and contractors around the project. I am also developping the business in Europe with pharma companies.
What do you think about idea?
I believe blockchain’s decentralisation power will disrupt the healthcare industry allowing everyone to participate to the advancement of medical progresses. Moreover, we developped a real, concrete industrial use case of Blockchain technology to accelerate medical research, e.g. Real World Evidence / Phase IV clinical trials. We are the only ICO project with a product already available on the market (PatientTruth), first major clients (Pierre Fabre, Servier, others coming soon) and a full support from the medical research community, the pharmaceutical industry and patient associations.
Pascal Becache
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
In France and Europe : Investors relations, business development, relations with Pharma companies. As a former IBM and IMS Health executive, I unveil the value of the patient data blockchain for investors, pharmaceutical companies, public and private health insurances and regulators.
What do you think about idea?
Embleema is the future of medical, drugs and population health studies. It will disintermediate collection and use of health data, allowing more, faster, cheaper and more ethical and transparent research benefiting to patients and healthcare systems. It complies with all regulatory aspects in the countries they enter.
Nicolas Schmidt
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
I'm Chief Product Officer at Embleema: I lead of our next product development, translate users and customers' needs into a world-class product and manage our marketing.
What do you think about idea?
We're the only healthcare project with a blockchain solution in production, valuable data on usage, several pharma companies as customers and a team of world-class advisors. We achieved all of this before launching our ICO in order to reduce risks for potential subscribers.
Alexis Normand
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
I bring together patient advocacy groups & life sciences researchers and regulatoirs to create a decentralized marketplace for health data, to replace the slow, manual and costly process of collecting real world evidence (RWE) for late stage clinical research
What do you think about idea?
Allowing patients to opt-in to pharma research along their own terms is game changing. Only blockchain allows patients to assemble the full picture of their health data, own and share it, and be compensated for their active involvement in clinical research.

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