ZRT Token

ZRT Token

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The first Blockchain-based agricultural ecosystem in Africa
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約 ZRT Token

Our revolutionary blockchain service aims to accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrencies in Africa while connecting the world to the various natural resources in the continent and helping generate passive income streams through Defi, Lending, Staking, and Yield Farming.

ZRT Token ecosystem is a DEFI solution offred by AgriSmartChain based on blockchain technology for the agricultural sector in Africa.

ZRT Ecosystem allows all agricultural stakeholders to conduct smooth, fast, secure and reliable trade, with a focus on farmers to facilitate the sale of their crops directly to resellers, wholesalers, importers and exporters, large distribution franchises (supermarkets, processors, and consumers)..

AgriSmartChain Ecosystem

A token that gives you access to a market of agricultural raw material of a fixed price regardless of the season or the market situation.

With our POS mechanism, and our staking pools, generate revenues up to 25% of the initial value of the Token.

Agriverse is an Agricultural Metaverse based on augmented reality, allowing the whole ZRT community to appropriate land in the form of NFT. Online community events and meetups, virtual 3D galleries with user-created artwork, NFT property market, African savannah animals, Challenges to play – this is what will happen at Agriverse and our virtual world will be open to community ideas.

We want to distribute our first NFT to those who trusted us from the beginning. To do this, go to the NFT page for more information.


Problem and Challenge

Current Agriculture Challenges in Africa
Global commodity decision makers, franchises and supermarkets, as well as supply chain networks are forcing farmers to accept constraints that limit their decision-making power in the modial agricultural ecosystem, this is due to a rapid change in agricultural supply chains and the rules imposed to ensure food security, these rules that create an imbalance in the distribution of profits for agricultural actors at the bottom of the echel.

Despite the power exercised by supply chains on farmers who find themselves with a very limited field of decision, We always notice an injustice to the farmers by indirectly imposing contributions to help them in the face of the problems we have mentioned.

Supply chain reliability / Product Traceability
The supply chain is home to a disorder and permanent mobility of agricultural products, mainly due to its complexity and the many difficulties it entails for farmers in the rural world as well as small actors in the agricultural ecosystem, This makes traceability of products almost impossible to the final consumer.

Poor Agriculture data management
The development of the global agricultural sector with the use of new technologies is still not showing good results, because of the many challenges of the system that covers only a small part of the supply chain.

Poor access to finance
The banking policy does not facilitate the task for farmers, given the difficulty of access to financing, which leads to costs and unforeseen expenses.

The farmer has to deal with a very complex, slow and often unprofitable banking procedure for him, if he wants to have access to financing.


AgriSmartChain Key features


Secure & decentralized

Application of Blockchain

Popularizing Crypto in Africa

Inform the general public

Creation of passive income

Boosting the flow of African capital

Introducing IOT in agriculture

Attract investors

Educate with Agriverese & NFT


  • ISO Web 3.0 AGriSmartChain Ecosystem

  • ZRT Utility Token
    Agrismartchain Agricutlture Marketplace
    AgriVerse Educational Metaverse
    NFT Agriculture Based Marketplace
  • Proximity on the Field

  • Close to Farmers
    Remote sensing and IOT for monitoring
    Supply chain control
    Product Quality Control
    Community Engagement
    government institutions Partnerships
    Private Actors Engagement
  • 2022 Governance and Compliance (QMS)

  • ISO 9001 Audit
    ISO 22001 Audit
    Farms Carbon footprint Audit / RSE
    Risk Management Audit /31000
  • Social Market Compliance



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