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WHA Project

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We all know that medicine these days is making huge steps forward, but we also know that all the money spent on research by pharmaceutical companies will be added to the price of the cure. For example, we all know that HIV is constantly researched to find mechanisms of destroying it in human body and, according to the latest news, the way to cure it seems to be out soon. It will be great news and we also know that it will definitely cost a lot.

Another problem is that normally, when we have some health problems, doctors tell us that if we came to them earlier, the problem would be easier to fix. We become more cautious about our health and next time we try to visit doctor earlier. But this time, doctor either tells us the same words or that there was no problem this time. And every visit is consuming money and time.

Nowadays, we have lots of fitness trackers and other medical devices to provide us some statistics, related to our health. Apple Health App even has function of sending all the data collected by e-mail to your doctor. But here comes another problem – in most cases, he will have no idea of what to do with this huge amount of raw data.

Is there any solution?

The main purpose of the World Health Application Project is to provide constant analysis of the health-related data of every single client and to reduce the costs on healthcare of every individual.

Furthermore, the WHA Project aims to create the means of payment that will be accepted globally.

Every app user will be constantly rewarded with WHA tokens for every data submission.

Such data should be really sustainable and trustworthy and this is exactly what the blockchain technology is capable of.

Such system will reduce the costs of the hospitals and clinics for obtaining and analyzing the data caused by less equipment, personnel and premises required for the actual data collection.

Insurance companies will benefit as well as the price of the health insurance will be more precisely calculated for every single client that’s involved in the Project.

Recent studies show that the majority of people are ready to wear different trackers if the insurance company will require that for their client’s benefit.

Our app users will have access to the best and more effective health tracking devices at built-in app market that will allow to purchase them with discounts in exchange for WHA tokens. All devices will be tested for compatibility and maximum effectivity.

The WHA Project aims for rethinking medicine allowing every single user to benefit in every way from taking part in it.

The better future is here, join us to be part of it!

WHA project is the world’s first clear raw data source of all the health parameters provided by the token holders. WHA Application will use decentralized platform for collection, storage, analysis and constant update of information on the health condition of its users based on the blockchain technology.

  • Users will be granted by serious and efficient application that will provide useful guidance in health improvements staying anonymous through the benefits of the open-source application.
  • Medical and research centers will gain constant real-time observation of health condition of large groups of patients. This will lead to more efficient medical treatment and faster research possibilities.
  • The mission of this project is to provide efficient observation and analysis for both users and healthcare institutions. Data should be impartial and unchangeable that will be reached by implementing the blockchain technology.
  • In addition, WHA own cryptocurrency will inspire users to get involved into the project and will allow purchasing updated and more efficient gadgets on the internal project market. It will supply users with only most precise and multi-functional equipment.


  • 7月〜2017年8月

  • WHAのアプリケーションコンセプト開発。
  • 2017年9月

  • ホワイトペーパーの準備;プレセールスの準備 - ここにあります。
  • 2017年10月16日

  • WHAの事前販売キャンペーン。
  • 10月〜2017年11月

  • WHAプロジェクトのアプリケーションの公開開始への準備、WHA ICOシードラウンドへのマーケティングと準備、
  • 続きを読む
  • 2017年12月11日

  • WHAのアプリケーションコンセプトの発表; ICOシードラウンド;
  • 第4四半期2017年〜第20四半期

  • Ethereumフォークとしての社内ブロックチェーンの開発;社内ブロックチェーンでのマイニングの開始;ウォレットの開発;数カ国でのWHAプロジェクト製品のマーケティング; WHA Appのコンテキスト広告の開始;
  • 2018年7月2日

  • ICOの立ち上げ; WHAプロジェクトは、内部アプリケーション市場での支払い手段としてのWHAの受け入れ、世界中のWHAプロジェクトアプリケーションのマーケティング、さらにアプリケーションの開発とサポートを開始します。


WHA Project チーム

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Alexey Vetluzhskikh
Founder, CEO
Kirill Ivanov
Co-founder, CTO
Ahmed Saleh
CIO, developer
Natalya Rudnitskaya
B2B specialist


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Mikhail Zastrozhin
Healthcare advisor
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