Urial WildSheep

Urial WildSheep

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Oriental rams and ewes are a group of subspecies of wild sheep. This animal,  a special beauty, especially in males.
Rams have long, spiral-shaped branches that are bent to the side of the face and forward.
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約 Urial WildSheep

The Urial WildSheep contract to help Urial WildSheep grow, develop, market, team, gift, is simple but powerful. The total release of Urial WildSheep is 1,000,000,000,000,000 URIAL and can be purchased through Pancakeswap. Urial WildSheep was launched with PANCAKESWAP-locked liquidity on February 22, 2022, and we are excited to expand and grow our unique platform over the next few years, both in the downtrend and uptrend. With the many revenue streams that have revolutionized the urial wildsheep platform, Urial WildSheep is set to become a familiar name to all digital currency enthusiasts and digital currency developers. Join us on a journey to the summit


  • Q1

  • Verified on bscscan
    Website Launch
    URIAL Token Launch
    Social Media Launch
    Private sale
    Whitepaper Launch
    Listed in PancakeSwap
  • Q2

  • Token Burn
    Listing with CoinGecko
    Listing with Coinmarketcap
  • Q3

  • Listing on HotBit
    Listing on Gate.io
    Listing On CoinEx
    Listing On Binance
  • q4

  • Make NFT
    Login to Metaverse
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  • Q5


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