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SeatlabNFT is a revolutionary event ticketing platform that aims to eliminate fraud, significantly reduce ticket scalping and dramatically increase the immersive audience experience for the live event industry.
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Max Supply

8,450,000 (1%)

169,000,000 (20%)
Founders: 1.25Y lock, daily unlock for 36 months
Team: 1Y lock, daily unlock for 30 months

80,275,000 (9.5%)
3 month lock, daily unlock for 12 months

Presale Investors:109,850,000 (13%)
Presale Lockup:

IDO: 4,225,000 (0.5%)
25% TGE. Daily unlock for 3 months.

Seed Round: 50,700,000 (6%)
5% TGE. Daily unlock for 18 months

Strategic Partnerships:
50,700,000 (6%)
6M lock, daily unlock for 15 months

Advisors & Marketing:
76,050,000 (9%)
9M lock, daily vesting for 12 months

Community & Ecosystem:
295,750,000 (35%)
Daily unlock for 60 months‍
STLB Ticketing Ltd
British Virgin Islands
Feb 1, 2022
NEAR Protocol

約 SeatlabNFT

Ryan kenny - Founder/Managing Director

Ryan has been involved in the blockchain space since 2012 and has gained an invaluable understanding of what this revolutionary new technology can achieve.

Previously, Ryan ran a web development and marketing agency for five years, working with some of the biggest household names listed below.

Alongside this, Ryan has been responsible for a plethora of digital marketing campaigns for the live events industry, working brands such as McFly, Sean Paul, Craig David, UB40, The Libertines, Coombe Weekender Festival and many more.

Together with his long-standing business partner Jack, the two entrepreneurs founded and operated a bespoke software development company building B2B commercial software and applications for businesses in a wide range of industries, leading to the creation of Seatedly.


Jack Waterfield - Founder/Creative & Community Director

Jack is a creative director with over a decade of experience working in the design and development field. Having founded a successful web development and marketing agency with his business partner Ryan Kenny, Jack has been able to work alongside a wealth of well-known brands such as Pepsi, UK Government,Holland & Barrett, Wembley Arena, FREEMAN EMEA and more.

He is actively involved in the community management of several blockchain projects and has successfully grown an engaged following across various online platforms.

As a recording artist himself, he understands the problems facing the ticketing industry today and is uniquely positioned to create viable solutions to ensure attending events and purchasing tickets is fair for all involved.

Backed by:
Cetacean Capital
BigBrain Holdings
Chainridge Capital
Kujira Ventures
BBS Finance


Ryan Tyrrell - Technical Director

Darly Browne - Head of Frontend (Ex Audi & HSBC Bank)

Evgeni - Lead Rust backend engineer (Ex Kraken)

Filipe -  Senior Rust engineer (Edge & Node)

Pasquale Palena - React Specialis

Chloe Rees - Product Owner

Joe Hassett - Marketing Manager

Charlie Gardiner - SEO & Content Manager

Joe Price - Head of New Business

Tim Bishop - Content Write

Erin Tomlin - Executive administrator

Jack Guarino - Finance (UK Government)

Sebastian Gerske (Keyko Contractor)

Thiago Machado (Keyko Contractor)

Token Utility and IDO

The $SEAT token is the utility token of the SeatlanNFT platform.


Anybody can stake their $SEAT to receive staking rewards. SeatlabNFT pays out 50% of all platform fees collected as staking rewards. The other 50% of collected platform fees will go to the SeatlabNFT treasury.

We use a tiered staking structure to categorise people by the number of tokens they are staking. The more people stake, the higher up in this tier structure they find themselves. The top tiers get access to more valuable rewards such as VIP tickets, backstage passes, meet-and-greets, free tickets and much more, which people can claim in place of staking rewards paid out in $SEAT.

Buyer's Fee Discount

The default buyer's fee is 5%.

Buyer's who hold $SEAT will pay reduced buyer's fees when purchasing NFT tickets. The exact discount depends on the number of $SEAT tokens a buyer holds.


The SeatlabNFT treasury is dedicated to providing the funding to develop the marketplace further and fund all other company running costs. 9.5% of the total supply of $SEAT tokens was allocated to the Treasury during the token launch. It receives 50% of all platform fees (minus buyer's fee discounts).

Rewards Centre

The Rewards Centre is a gamified interface where $SEAT token holders can earn points depending on the number of tokens they hold and how long they’ve held them. People can claim rewards of different values from three tiers: Hologram, Gold & Sapphire. 


Royalty splits

A key defining feature of the SeatlabNFT platform is the ability to set royalty splits. By setting a royalty split, sellers can identify one or more beneficiaries to receive a percentage of any future resale revenue if tickets are sold on the secondary market.


Sellers can airdrop exclusive perks to ticket holders. Within the dashboard, sellers can view all of their events and the current and past ticket holders for those events. You can create exclusive NFTs from any digital media (images, video, audio records, etc.) and airdrop them to holders of different ticket types.

Airdrops can be sent to current ticket holders, past & present ticket holders, or schedule the airdrop for a later date.


In addition to free airdrop incentives, artists and event organisers can create standalone collectibles to sell alongside their NFT tickets.

In-depth reporting

The main dashboard gives sellers an in-depth overview of ticket sales and revenue. The data is broken down to show what percentage of tickets have been sold by event and ticket type, including both primary and secondary sales.

Platform Fees

Listing events, minting NFT tickets and selling them on the SeatlabNFT platform is always 100% free for artists and event organisers. Thanks to NEAR’s blockchain architecture, gas fees for high-volume NFT minting are extremely low.
Buyers - By default, buyers pay a 5% fee on any purchase. This is reduced for buyers who hold $SEAT tokens.
Sellers - There are no fees for selling NFT tickets on our platform.


  • Phase 1

  • Platform UX/UI & Architecture
    Token development
    Token Audit Publish White-paper
    Seed / Private Token Sale
  • Phase 2

  • Team expansion
    Development of platform
    Token launch
  • Phase 3

  • Early Access and Beta testing
    Onboarding pre-agreed clients
    Migrate some existing client base over to Seatlab NFT
  • Phase 4

  • Interactive Seat map functionality
    Community building features
    Full Marketing Launch
    White label functionality
    Affiliate scheme functionality


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1 111

SeatlabNFT チーム

検証済み 67%


Joe Hassett
Marketing Manager
Ryan Kenny
Jack Waterfield

SeatlabNFT インタビュー

Joe Hassett
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
My role for the team is to generate brand awareness about our platform and develop the ever growing community.
What do you think about idea?
SeatlabNFT is a great opportunity to revolutionise the ticketing industry to solve the issues it is faced with today.
Jack Waterfield
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
Founder and creative director. I am in charge of day to day operations including managing a team of over 20.
What do you think about idea?
We are completely revolutionising the ticketing economy by harnessing the power of NFTs and blockhain.

SeatlabNFT 最後のニュース

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