5G Expo Europe 2021


約 5G Expo Europe 2021

5G Expo Europe will be taking place virtually on the 3oth November 2021. Introduced by the world-leading enterprise technology conference series, the 5G event is co-located event with the IoT Tech Expo, Blockchain Expo, AI & Big Data Expo, Cyber Security Expo and a brand new Digital Transformation track.

The events will bring together key industries for 2 days of thought leadership content, key discussions and real-life case studies.

The co-located virtual events will also cover IoT, AI, Big Data, Cyber Security & Cloud and Blockchain.


Hear from 40+ industry-focused speakers explore 5G advancements and where it is driving the most disruption. Industry leaders will share their unparalleled knowledge and real-life experiences in the forms of solo presentations, expert panel discussions and in-depth fireside chats.

Key topics examined include:

5G Infrastructure & the Core Network | Edge Computing | 5G Capabilities | Deployment Modes | Network Evolution & Future Connectivity | Digital Transformation | IoT & Blockchain | Big Data & AI in 5G | Cyber Security for 5G Networks


Stephen Douglas
Advisory member on UK5G Security Working Group UK5G
Tony Sceales
Programme Development Lead on the DCMS 5G Testbeds and Trials Programme Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport
Milan Lalovic
Principal Researcher, 5G Mobile Core Research at BT
Cornelius Heckrott
VP Technology & Innovation Swisscom Cloud Lab
Sergi Figuerola
CTO 5GBarcelona
Edwin Bussem
Sector Development Manager, Next Generation Infrastructures KPN
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Julie Snell
Chair The Scotland 5G Centre
David Jambor
Head of Systems Engineering Vodafone





Presentation: Standardisation – 5G for Enterprise
What current regulation and certification is in place across the connectivity space?
As there are varying views of standardised, how do we reach a unanimous account of what is correct? Does this need to be an industry-by-industry definition?
Creating pragmatic expectations and how to ensure you are following protocol in such a rapidly evolving landscape.


Presentation: 5G Capabilities – Why You Need It and What You Can Gain
High-band spectrum and automation – Allowing for peak connectivity speeds.
Small cells – Increased Geographical connectivity due to more connectivity assets including antennas and cell sites.
Networking – How this enables devices from asset tracking and street furniture, to remote healthcare.
Confidentiality – Data encryption at the edge of the network thanks to local cache V’s the core.


Panel: Unlocking the Potential of 5G
Talk of the full network roll-out has taken-over, but how is the lack of understanding in how to integrate this network into existing infrastructures hindering its imminent use?
How 5G will affect the holy quintet; capacity, reliability, latency, bandwidth and efficiency?
The need for MNO’s to create new products and pricing for sector adoption.
Edwin Bussem, Sector Development Manager, Next Generation Infrastructures, KPN


Presentation: Defining 5G – the Software Defined Mobile Network
A breakdown of the key architectural pillars supporting 5G.
What are the key concepts, barriers and benefits to a Software Defined Mobile Network?
Overcoming these barriers to leverage enterprise opportunities.
Adopting SD-WAN; is this the next step to increased agility, process optimisation, cost reductions and cloud utilisation?


Presentation: A Slice for Everyone! How Network Slicing Enables Business Optimisation
What solutions can this network virtualization provide? Network-as-a-service capabilities and beyond.
Is a Standalone infrastructure the only way to leverage this potential?
Network Slicing – the key element to business optimisation and competitive advantage?
How will MNO’s approach and adapt to this level of customisation?

Networking Break


Fireside Chat: Building the Network – Collaboration & Innovation for 5G Acceleration
What government led programmes are in place for the development and deployment of 5G across Europe and the UK?
What barriers has the programme faced and what strategies has the team used to overcome these?
How collaboration is key to the current and future success of the wireless network evolution.
Examples of the 5G programme in action.
Tony Sceales, Programme Development Lead on the DCMS 5G Testbeds and Trials Programme, Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport
Karen Pollitt-Cham, Professorial Lead Connected Futures, University of Brighton


Presentation: Trust the Machine – 5G Networks Role in Industrial Environments
Does 5G hold the greatest potential for supporting industrial wireless architecture?
Which one do we need? Local Vs Private Networks for industrial environments.
MPN’s (mobile private networks) built-for-purpose advantage for industry 4.0 and beyond.
Efficiency and remote management – how 5G differs from other disruptive technologies in this space.
Rowan Dias Högman, Research Leader & Head of 5G Industry Collaborations, Ericsson


Presentation: Monitoring and Monetizing 5G for the Enterprise
How the layered connectivity of 5G enables real-time monitoring of assets, data and AI insights for actionable outcomes and in turn, peak efficiency.
What this means for predictive maintenance and pro-active rather than reactive solutions.
The new revenue streams open to suppliers and operators including, Enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB), Ultra-reliable and low-latency communications (URLLC) and Massive machine-type communications (mMTC).
How do we start of essential process of creating 5G focused business models?


Presentation: 5G for Creative Industries
How 5G is radically disrupting creative industries.
A closer look at effects on the production, distribution and consumption models, as well as content that is made.
What are the predicted trends and activities to change the way creative industries including, TV, film, music, advertising, theatre, the arts and digital creative areas will develop?
Senior Representative, UK5G, ,


Panel: The New World of Connectivity; 5G and the Future
How fast will it evolve and is the key to future 5G success gaining the confidence of the public?
Shutting down old networks, how will this impact industries?
How do we adopt the key technologies needed now? E.g. MIMO (Multiple-input multiple-output)
5G in five years’ time, where will we be?
Moving beyond sectors; how this enables a sustainable future?
Edwin Bussem, Sector Development Manager, Next Generation Infrastructures, KPN


2021/11/30 10:00
2021/11/30 14:30