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Integrating the advantages of major exchanges, a new server system, adjusting the user experience, re-creating the security of the wallet key, targeting the worldwide market, all the fees are 100% returned to the user.
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約 DeerExchange

Why is DeerEx?

The idea and concept of creating a deer is the main spiritual indicator , [ think out of the box , Challenge innovation ] is the company's core slogan. For the deer , They have no fixed home , all places are their , mean DeerEx Will not maintain the status quo forever , new knowledge of the market and program optimization , we have development everytime , Allow users to feel the heart of the platform all the time. DeerEx will build a world-class trading platform , provide convenient, fast, efficient and secure services to global investment users , currently planning to set up operations centers in singapore and japan , the operations center will also integrate with the physical storefront , will be completed in february 2020 , second stage of the project will open physical store services in taiwan and switzerland. Let DeerEx investors lower investment thresholds and risks , Virtual combination entity , provide more diversified services

What is the use of tokens used in the exchange?

In the future, we will have many plans, such as ICO, IEO, IGO, etc., all of which require tokens.It will also be distributed and applied in the real market with the cooperation plan, so that the token can be widely used.

When is the exchange completed?

At present, all web interfaces have been completed, and the back-end program has been completed 80%. The platform test will be conducted on September 1 and will be officially launched on September 30. After the line is launched, many protection measures will be carried out simultaneously.

What is the IGO project

DeerEx created the new plan , use the DeerEx token into the physical market , Let it circulate in the market , As token can buy any merchandise , IGO R&D team , Inclusion technology , Brand , design , legal , Distributors , business , Finance , Marketing professionals , Provide national company establishment and sales consulting , solve all problems of the publisher , DeerEx will also actively provide funds to cooperate with publishers. IGO may encounter many special problems in the development process. , And the DeerEx team will definitely think of alternatives or solutions. , With rich market experience and intuition , The team must be more cautious to observe the rules and mechanisms behind each method , In order to protect the investor's investment interests , At the same time try to refuse to encourage the wrong direction of development , In the review phase , Must pay 750,000 DeerEx for consultant fee , Which includes the cost of the company , The developer must interview the team 5 times , After confirming , IGO fees will be communicated during the planning period.



DeerExchange チーム

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Daniel Ibanez
CEO & Founder
Princess Jackie
CFO & Founder
Blockchain Developer


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Wesley Chen
Legal Advisor Officer
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