Robotic Friends NFT

Robotic Friends NFT

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The ROBOTIC FRIENDS is a NFT collection on the Solana Blockchain! We are not only an PFP collection, we come with the full package! Combining great artwork with loads of utility, we have the aspiration to bring value to each holder. Take a look around to find out how!
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Tentang Robotic Friends NFT

In a metaverse not that far away, amongst millions of stars and galaxies there is a planet called Zander.
Its inhabitants, the Robotic Friends, are a productive and happy community of Robots that prospered for generations, with their technology and devotion for the greater good, that propelled them into being a superior civilization where no Robot was bellow its piers.
They lived in a Robot Society in which everyone played its part and contributed for their wealth that was being accumulated for Eons, shaping their planet without ever forgetting their roots.
Like everywhere in the Metaverse, their prosperity drew attention, and one day... Strange things happened.

A civilization from the edge of their galaxy invaded their planet with one objective:
Take over the Planet.
They were named Robotic Enemies, and they quickly became their nemesis.
In a Zander year they took control of half the planet and forced the Robotic Friends to turn to arms to defend their livelihood, and that's how the Zander wars begun.
With the planet divided in half, a war of huge proportions broke out and now they need your help.
A distress call was made to all of Metaverse for help, and it has just been brought to our attention. 

Upon seeing their way of life being put at risk, Robotic Friends call upon YOU to help them regain their territory and scare away the Robotic Enemies.

Which side will you take part in? Will you answer their call?

% name% Roadmap

  • Phase 1

  • Launching Socials
    Building the Community
    Collections Generated
  • Phase 2

  • Website development
    Zander wars events
  • Phase 3

  • Presale and Public Mint
    Listings on Secondary Markets
  • Phase 4

  • Staking Robotic Friends to earn $ROBOT
    Second Collection Airdropped to Holders: Robotic Enemies
  • Baca lebih banyak
  • Phase 5

  • Use your $Robot for awesome rewards
    Robotic Friends Merch
    Access to other projects ( Discord Inv\WL)
    Merge your NFTs into a Robotic Warrior through a battle of a Friend and an Enemy


Robotic Friends NFT Tim

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