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Movey is the Move-to-Earn Application combined with Auto-Staking & Auto-Compounding Protocol with best-fixed APY in crypto – 100,335%.
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Tentang MOVEY

Movey is a standard mobile technology application that integrates blockchain and cryptocurrency. Movey users can not only track their health, but they can also earn $MOVEY tokens by moving.

Movey is also an Auto Staking & Compounding Protocol that offers the best fixed APY in the crypto, up to 100,335%. Auto-compounding rewards are delivered to your wallet every 12 minutes, 120 times per day. All you have to do is BUY&HODL $MOVEY in your wallet.


$MOVEY is a BEP20 token, which is the main token of the Movey ecosystem. Users will receive $MOVEY tokens when completing missions in application or holding $MOVEY in your wallet (Auto-staking & Auto-compounding). $MOVEY tokens can be used to purchase NFT boxes, repair shoes, create NFTs, trade/rent/lease NFTs in the marketplace, and participate in special events.


Move to Earn

Users need to have a NFT Sneaker or stake $MOVEY token in Stake Token Management to participate in Movey's earning modes where users are rewarded in $MOVEY/NFTs by walking, moving.


The marketplace is where users can rent, lease, or trade their NFT Sneakers and NFTs from NFT Movement Creating. The filter function is available in the marketplace to easily find the NFTs you want.

Rent NFT

With a smart rent/lease mechanism, new users can easily get started by downloading the app and renting the Sneaker. The Smart Contract will deliver rewards to renters who complete missions.

Create NFT

Users can earn $MOVEY by creating sneakers as well as creating their own NFT. The NFT Movement Creating is a unique feature of Movey that converts an image of a player's journey into an NFT.

Liquidity Pool

MOVEY Auto-Staking levies 6% tax on sellers with each trade. This fund is spent on $BNB and $MOVEY at a 50/50 ratio to provide liquidity every 48 hours.

Insurance Fund

8% of selling fees are stored in an insurance fund. This fund forms the backbone of the Movey, backing the staking rewards provided by the positive rebase. Insurance Fund also acts as a buffer to maintain liquidity in case of a sharp sell-off.


4% of the selling fees are sent to Treasury which provides extra insurance to the Insurance Fund. MOVEY treasury is also spent on extra services, new products, and marketing campaigns for the project.

Fire Pit

2% of the selling fees are burnt in the Fire Pit. The more MOVEY traded, the more MOVEY put into the fire. When the fire pit size gets bigger, the circulating supply is reduced, which would keep the $MOVEY’s price stable.

% name% Roadmap

  • Phase 1 - April

  • Website Release
    Alpha Test
    Smart Contract Deployment
    Cross Promotion Activities
    $MOVEY Public Sale
    DEX/CEX Listing
    Auto-Staking &
  • Phase 2 - May

  • Beta Test
    Movey NFT Sale
    Movey Marketplace
    Movey Application
    Healthy Care System
    Season 1 - Running Missions
  • Phase 3 - June

  • Social Marketing Campaign
    Creating NFTs
    Renting NFTs
    Competition Mode
    Partnership with Shoe Brands
    Movey Wallet - Test Phase
  • Phase 4 - Q3

  • SocialFi - Test Phase
    Season 2 - Marathon
    Movey Wallet
    Clan Release
    Partnerships with Sport Brands
    Listing Top tier CEXs
    Carbon Offsetting
    Bridge to Solana/Polygon/ETH
  • Baca lebih banyak
  • Phase 5 - Q4+

  • SocialFi - Release
    Moverse - Running on Metaverse
    World Tournament
    More to come!


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