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Moonsama’s protocol for bi-directional bridging of on-chain digital assets and off-chain applications. This is how we connect web2.0 games, metaverses and blockchains. It enables new games, development and community fun from across the Kusamaverse and beyond!
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Tentang Moonsama

evolving nft 2.0s

Moonsama NFTs are eternally liquid, offering ever-changing appearances, utility options, and limitless longevity.


Connecting metaverses via the multiverse bridge brings fun with more games, new developments, and integrating communities.

Expanding lore

A multidisciplinary and talented team of artists, developers, and visionaries supported by the thriving community are creating this world together.


A Metaverse is a novel concept that is best defined as a shared virtual environment that participants access via the internet. Metaverses are born out of the combination of different technologies, including aspects of social media, gaming, virtual reality and cryptocurrencies. None of these aspects can form a Metaverse by itself. Instead, it is the interaction between them that can form one.

Other recurrent features of Metaverses are the convergence of physical and virtual worlds, the existence of an internal economy and the ability to transfer digital assets between different spaces within the Metaverse.

Metaverses integrated with the Multiverse Bridge gain full compatibility with any connected chains. Digital assets on those chains can then play specific roles in that Metaverse’s associated applications and games. Via this described compatibility, an on-chain asset could become an avatar on a social media platform or a playable character in a game.


Oracles are always necessary wherever the on-chain and off-chain world meets as trusted intermediaries. The Multiverse Bridge relies on oracles to insert an interpretation layer in-between the Metaverse and the on-chain protocol. Oracles can handle all the data and logic required to enable the cross-layer utility of the assets. Information such as a) the list of imported assets by a particular user, b) the effects of the assets in-game and c) behaviors such as what to do with an asset once it crosses the Multiverse Bridge, are all stored and pre-programmed by an oracle, e.g. a backend. Though centralized services, trusted middleman and single point of failures are generally frowned upon in the web3 world and their usage is best avoided, in case of e.g. a complex multi-player game which cannot run on the chain it is unavoidable. This is often the case for Metaverses, where e.g. a game server acts as the single source of truth aka. the trusted oracle. Nevertheless, should the Metaverse be on-chain or off-chain, the Multiverse Bridge protocol supports it.

The Multiverse Bridge is completely Metaverse agnostic. It is capable of connecting any Metaverse, provided the right oracle configuration. Said differently, any game/app will need its own customized implementation of an oracle to leverage the Multiverse. Interpretation of Multiverse Bridge events might differ depending on the Metaverse’s needs defined by its unique characteristics and mechanics, therefore it’s hard to generalize it with a single protocol. The Multiverse Bridge standardizes a Metaverse oracle’s relationship with the on-chain world, without imposing strong opinions or limitations on it.

Metaverse-to-Chain Bridging (M2C)

Simple Export: allows the export of an escrowed asset (as a result of a previous Simple Import), back to the blockchain layer. The asset returns to its owner’s wallet.

Summoning Export: allows the export of native metaverse items into the blockchain layer, becoming on-chain tokens. These tokens are minted as part of the export. For this we developed a special ERC1155-ERC20 hybrid contract. Read more about it in the Token Factory section.

Skin in the game

The term “bridging” is slightly different in this context from the conventional meaning of bridging. Bridging in the Multiverse bridge is closer to the act of staking, or bonding. The Moonsama Council, the governance of Moonsama holders, can make Metaverse specific rules e.g. to confiscate NFTs in case the bridged player was caught cheating. This is essential, however, to ensure that the economy of the Metaverse is not tilt. Since resoures earned in-game bear significant value, cheaters potentially could wreck the economy if the system can be exploited. A user must have skin in the game. Bridging to a Metaverse always makes the user subject to the rules of the Metaverse, akin to entering a country makes one subject to the country’s rules. It is important to get familiar with these rules before deciding to “enter” a Metaverse to decide whether the risk is worth it and to avoid unpleasant surprises.

In Multiverse Bridge V2, the current import/export/enrapture terminology is updated.

Token Factory

Token Factory is the contract used for Summon Exports from a metaverse. It is an ERC-1155 that spawns its individual ID tokens as standalone ERC-20s instead of internal accounting, acting as their parent. Transactions made on the individual ER-C20s trigger and log appropriate events in the parent contract and vice-versa. These tokens combine the advantages of the fungible/non-fungible worlds. This means exported assets are both NFTs (therefore supported by NFT marketplaces) and regular ERC-20 tokens (supported by DEXs, CEXs, etc.), depending on which contract we manage them from. The only disadvantages are: slightly higher gas cost, allowances have to be made on the parent/children separately, and introducing the decimal concept to ERC-1155 because it has to match with the underlying ERC-20’s.






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