Leader Inu

Leader Inu

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
Leader Inu - Leading his followers to the Moon then Mars!
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To be announced
Detail Token
Total pasokan
Distribusi Token
Max Wallet: 2% ( 20,000 Tokens )
Max Transaction: 1% ( 10,000 Tokens )
Buy & Sell Tax: 10%
5% To LP
4% To Marketing
1% To Development
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Tentang Leader Inu

Minting a leader NFT will automatically get you entered into our lottery! Our lottery will be drawn at several stages to ensure we are consistently giving out prizes as people continue to mint! These prizes will be paid immediately in the form of BNB. If you do not win on a lottery round, keep holding, as you are eligible for all rounds once you mint!

Hold on to your NFT even when all lottery drawings are compete. You will be able to use your NFT for staking in the future. When you Stake your NFT you will be rewarded with $LINU tokens. Our NFTs & NFT contract is also set up for P2E gaming and metaverse possibilities for when we get there!

% name% Roadmap


  • Stealth Launch

    TG / Twitter Marketing

    Create A Solid Floor

    Grow Holder Count

    Voting Sites

    Revamp Website

    Creation Of NFTs

    News Articles + Ads

  • NFT Minting Live

    Marking Push Token + NFTs

    CMC and CG Listed

    Push for 1200+ Holders

    Marketing Outside TG + Twitter

    More Ads, Articles, Voting Sites

  • CMC Trending

    CG Trending

    Dext Trending

    Release V2 NFTs

    Release NFT Staking

    Release MetaVerse Usecase

    Form Major Partnerships


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