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HexSale introduces a Presale Platform that encourages investors to scan contracts, analyse data patterns using charting facilities and safer investments. HEX is a Game Changer.
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By adding better charting facilities (charts), an integrated HexSwap alongside a reinforced presale platform, we're bringing in a new way for investors. The difference that lights up HEX is its launch which will be done within Pinksale's Platform. 

01. Fast & Agile

- Auto Liquidity Locking to prevent any interactions (Developer to Contract) from happening.

- Manual Contract Auditing including a HexSwap analysis to ensure contracts are safe.

- Decentralised Launch Pad for Fair Launch projects, provided as a service for developers. Tokens are sent to a S.C., pre-adding initial liquidity.

02. Cost-Effective

- Geometric calculations have been implemented into the charts to retain closer to real-time displays of data, better for live charts.

- Trading View's source has been used for the charts, displaying better data for tokens that are launched on swaps such as PancakeSwap.

- An interface for Token Developers to verify their contracts, enter information, updates and other data about the listed token.

- Reinforced Analysis tools to get better data readings.

03. Real-Time Analytics

- Built-In Contract Analyser

- Honeypot Detection, reads through the contract to find Developer Access Code

- Rug pull Detection, reads through the contract to detect any on/off or reversal scripts.

Note* More Details Available in our upcoming Roadmap & Wallpaper Illustrations.


Presale Platform

The Features linked to the Presale Platform will be released periodically. Auto Liquidity Locker and Manual Contract Auditing will both be mandatory within the Presale Platform.


Chart Facilities

Chart is to view charts but in a more accessible manner. Each chart can be managed by the developer. An audit sticker will also be placed on audited projects, including Developer information.



HexSwap is primarily for keeping investors safe. Each swap comes equipped with a automatic check for malicious code, high tax and backend scripts which if detected it will immediately deny your swap for the investors safety. Investor security is important, especially when doing presales.


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