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A CC0 project made by degens, for all degens. No whitelist, no grinding, no roadmap. The first 5,000 NFTs will be a free mint. If you’re here early, welcome to the Derp Fam. The launch may drop at any time, so be on the lookout.
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Not another average NFT. We wanted to inject the core beliefs of the community to firmly express themselves through memes and celebrate internet heritage to derps and derages with ties to friendship, while also doing something that hasn’t been done before. It was important to stay true to the community by bringing people together through unique meme-ments (moments) of connection that feels right for Derplife.

The Meme Hunts
We will hold regular meme competitions, known as Meme Hunts, where anyone in the community can participate. The winning meme of the week will be transferred to the Derp Vault - our exclusive collection of community-made memes curated by the founders of the project themselves. But that’s not all, each winner of the Meme Hunt will receive a price in the form of $Derp tokens that can be used for staking and to bid on NFT's.

We will then auction off the memes from the Derp Vault as a separate collection, with all the proceeds going back to the community fund for future project developments and Meme Hunts.By the Derps, for the Derps - that’s the philosophy.

% name% Roadmap

  • 25%

  • Welcome to the Derpverse
    ⦿ Meme competitions on Twitter & Discord
    ⦿ Partnerships & collabs to build community
  • 50%

  • Opening the Meme Factory
    ⦿ Meme Hunts & community voting for each meme
    ⦿ Winning memes will be stored in the Derp Vault for auctions
    ⦿ Introduce $Derp Tokens for staking and community wins.
  • 75%

  • DerpDAO
    ⦿ DerpVault community proposals & voting
    ⦿ Derp Vault auctions
    ⦿ Introduce merch store
  • 100%

  • Expanding the Derpverse
    ⦿ Community proposals & voting on’s direction


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