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Created using Figma
BRADS has an objective to create utilities out of the crypto assets owned by the consumers. We are taking care of minute casual transactions as well as huge sums, cutting down on transactional fees and other additional charges incurred. We aim at exchanging values, and create a simple smart platform of valued resources, eliminating the complex search dynamics to cherish digital consumer engagement.
26 Okt 2021
30 Des 2021
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Tentang BRADS

We fulfill our objectives based on the following products and services:

  • BRADSCoin - The crypto asset based on blockchain technology, created with secured encryption.
  • e-BRADS - Our e-commerce platform, created to bridge the gap between the rural and urban industries, procuring unique items from corners of the globe, promptly delivering nostalgia at your doorsteps.
  • BRADS|X - The BRADS exchange where one can trade their crypto assets with other cryptocurrencies, invest in the different crypto, and transform their fiat money to encryptions.
  • BRADS Wallet / BRADSPay - One can store more than one cryptocurrency in the BRADS wallet. Purchasing the desired commodities from the e-BRADS portal has been made easier with this option provided to users.


Easy accessibility across different gadgets and maximum utilization of the assets is now easily possible. We have curated a platform for easy accessibility, and ease of transactions across every branch brand of BRADS. The ever-growing digital community aims at maximizing the utilization of assets, invested by you, fetching you ample returns on investment (ROI), along with upliftment of the cultural heritage of India. To serve customers from different geographies make us feel privileged to connect with people belonging to diverse cultures.


The main objective of our business lies in facilitating easy means of transactions, creating maximum usage of the crypto assets, avoid the uncertainties related to payments while using physical currencies, and provide the desired services to our consumers from a single platform.


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Ravi Modi
Founder & Promoter
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Tanvir Ansari
Chief Technology Officer
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Masahiro Kaido
Marketing Head
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Mitsuo Matsutani
CEO – Japan, China & Africa
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Vishnu Sureka
Business Advisor
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