Baby Starlink Doge

Baby Starlink Doge

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
Baby Starlink Doge Token($StarlinkDoge) is a community-forcesed, decentralized cryptocurrency with instant thanks to active users! Join the universe mission.
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Detail Token
Total pasokan
Distribusi Token
1% Marketing
12% Transaction Tax
5% Back into the liquidity pool
3% Auto Dividend to Holders(Tokens)
3% Buy Back
100 Trillion Total volume
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Tentang Baby Starlink Doge

As you know, Starlink is a planned launch by space services company SpaceX to provide high-speed Internet access with global coverage via a constellation of satellites in near-Earth orbit.

* A flat panel design with multiple high-throughput antennas and a single solar cell array.
* Uses Hall-effect thrusters.
* Star tracker navigation system for precise positioning.
* Ability to use debris data provided by the U.S. Department of Defense for autonomous collision avoidance.
* 95 percent of the components will burn up in the Earth's atmosphere.
* Mass: 227 kilograms (500 pounds).

SpaceX representatives and Musk say the satellite will have minimal impact. Many professional astronomers disputed initial observations of the Starlink v0.9 satellite after its first launch (shortly after deployment from the launch vehicle). In a later statement on Twitter, Musk said SpaceX will work to reduce the satellite's albedo and will provide on-demand orientation adjustments for astronomical experiments when necessary. So far, only one Starlink satellite (No. 1130-Darksat) has had an experimental coating to reduce its albedo, but the magnitude of the reduction is very subtle, reducing the magnitude of the g-spectrum by only 0.8 mag, which is not enough for astronomers.

Concerns about placing thousands of satellites in orbit to create a long-term junk hazard have been partially alleviated by SpaceX by lowering the planned satellite orbits. The failed satellites are expected to be deorbited within a few years. However, the risk of collision cannot be ignored, and despite Elon Musk's willingness to reorient satellites as needed, SpaceX did not move satellites that were almost on the verge of colliding with European satellites early in the program.

Because of this, our founders thought out this project, BabyStarlinkDoge aims to contribute to the reduction of space junk, we are willing to make efforts for the payment system of Starlink and spaceX, we will develop new energy currency, reduce pollution to nature and protect the space environment, as a way to show our support for future development, quantum mechanics tells us that when a thing explodes to a degree that its capacity is unimaginable.

And this unimaginable is BabyStarlinkDoge.


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