Alien Chicken Farm

Alien Chicken Farm

Created using Figma
Alien Chicken Farms is the first Play-And-Earn game to be launched on the Solana Blockchain.
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Tentang Alien Chicken Farm

Alien Chicken Farm is the simplest Play-And-Earn game that leverages the power of the Solana Blockchain to let players have fun in the metaverse with superpowered chickens. We’re fans of classic breeding and town space Real-Time-Strategy (RTS) games and ACF is our love letter to the genre and a project to showcase the possibilities of building on Solana. We hope you have as much fun playing ACF as our team did while creating it.

% name% Roadmap

  • 2022

  • 8888- 1st Generation Chickens are available to mint.

    03 May 2022 Onwards
    Second generation chickens enter marketplace (bred by players)

    Q2 2022
    03 May 2022
    ACF Marketplace goes live.
    Q4 2022
    Mini games are developed further
  • 2023

  • Community votes on development roadmap

    Q1 2023

    Q1 2023
    Global land sales goes live, players collaborate and compete on a metaverse of chicken farms

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