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Invest in the new cryptocurrency dedicated to the Fitness world! Speed, security, stability, growth... This future global currency is presented as an ideal combination of Blockchain technology some used by existing cryptocurrencies. Why invest in WELLBE COIN? Because with more than 230 million club members around the world, this makes it a sure currency to grow quickly! Around the world, the fitness industry continues to help consumers lead healthier lives through sustained growth in key markets. Wellbe Coin is the cryptocurrency for this Industry and a Revolution for the Fitness. We are in a new era, a Community Fitness. Place your money in a safe bet that promises a minimum growth of 15%/ year, thanks to its Treasure. Pay your subscriptions in Fitness club with WELB and enrich yourself by taking care of your Health! Take part in a united and healthy industry creation, where the actors have the well-being and health of all at heart.
9 abr. 2021
25 jul. 2021
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Acerca de WellBe Coin

WELLBE COIN? Crypto-currencies are based on a revolutionary new technology which brings in particular financial independence. Today we have the opportunity to allow areas of industries such as Fitness and Sport to have their own currency and the opportunity to create a global community, bringing together all market players, around values, projects and Success!

To be the single cryptocurrency used in the Fitness and Sport ecosystem at the global level with the unification of smart-contracts, decentralized governance and self-financed cash flow ensuring the longevity of the project and rapid and sustainable growth.


WellBe Coin Roadmap

  • Q1 2021

  • Presentation of WELLBE to the partners chosen to launch this project (RESOFIT, FITNESS ACADEMIE)
    Pre-development: The issuance of coins and the allocations of various wallets such as the Treasury, as well as fundamental designs (Wallet, dApps, ICO, Earndrop)
    WellBeHash implementation (ASIC resistant hashing algorithm)
    Implementation of treasury systems and WellBe Coin Bone
    Development begins in February 2021.
    February 2021 online trials
    End of February 20210 optimization and improvements of the technical and economic aspects of WellBe Coin
    February 2021 launch of the first phase WellBe Coin Airdrop
  • Q2 2021

  • April 2021 distribution of WELB rewards from the first Airdrop camgane
    April 2021, launch of the ICO
    June 2021 Implementation of the smart contract for STAKING
  • Q3 2021

  • End of the ICO on July 9th, 2021, launch on WELB trading platforms at €0.15 with an IEC
    The Stakers live! The rewards begin on July 9, approximately 7 months after launch to ensure fair distribution and give community members enough time to accumulate.
    Creation of the Solidarity Aid Fund (SAF)
    Airdrop 1st phase completed since April, more than one million WELBs distributed, more than 70,000 Internet users follow social media
  • Q4 2021

  • Airdrop phases 2 and 3 begin
    Creation of the WELLBE Application and the App Game (in application)
    Creation of the WELB Wallet (WELLBE COIN wallet)
    WELB.03 in development (creation of a bank card dedicated to WELB) like Crypto.com Metal Card
    Extend marketing efforts for more widespread adoption within clubs and among various players in the Fitness Industry. Target: rally the major franchises in the use of WELB as a means of payment in their structures.
  • Lee mas
  • Q1 2022

  • Release of WellBe Coin 3.0, WellBe Coin, perfectly compatible from the start with the Ethereum platform, allows almost full exploitation of its capacities while integrating our Treasury, Masternodes and governance systems, all in One. WellBe Coin 3.0 c 'is the system update to make it even more secure before using WellBe Coin in' real life '.
    End of 2nd and 3rd phase of Airdrop and start of 4th phase
    Release and provision of the first WellBe Coin Crystal Cards
  • Q2 2022

  • Giga European marketing campaign for continent-wide adoption of WELB, ahead of global launch.
    At the end of 2022, WellBe Coin will develop its own Blockchain, and will exit that of Ethereum in order to be fully autonomous and offer numerous decentralized and perfectly secure services. Our development is not only on a global scale in the world of Fitness and Sport but also in other areas with the future creation of other cryptocurrencies based on BlockChain Well.


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WellBe Coin Equipo

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Maimiti Hiro
Head of Public Relations
Shehzad Khan
Blockchain / ICO / Smart contract developer
Mathieu Guerrini
Marketing Assistant Intern


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Sandra Sery
Lawyer and Legal Advisor
Jonathan SPEDALE
Fraud and Security Advisor
Sylvain POUZET
Professional Relations and Partners Advisor
Independent club relationship advisor
Sales and Marketing Advisor
Partner and Supplier Relationship Advisor

WellBe Coin Entrevistas

As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
I am the CEO founder of WellBe Coin,
Fitness instructors, Club owner, former Journalist and export manager at Seagate.
I have a master degree in International trade and communication
What do you think about idea?
After 10 years in the Fitness Industry, as a Fitness Owner I came up with the idea of joining Blockchain technology with fitness. A crypto currency that could unify all actors in this field in a strong , healthy and independant community.
A self financed crypto, which provide liquidity to a Solidaruty Aid Found to support, help and finance Clubs in needs or inovative projects

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