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Utopia Genesis Foundation

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We are a blockchain-powered music data providing platform that enables more data, more revenue, more efficiency, more transparency & fairness
16 dic. 2020
16 ene. 2021
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Acerca de Utopia Genesis Foundation

One of our key design goals, driven by the real life needs of the community and the industry, is to make the platform accessible to all stakeholders within the industry.

We decided to keep the platform open while still having the Foundation acting as a gatekeeper, controlling who gets access to develop on it. It is done to ensure the seriousness of projects and developers. By encouraging community contributions, the UOP will evolve into an open and interoperable protocol for the music industry – similar to Google’s APIs or Apple’s App Store. As this development continues, a set of open stan- dards and specifications will be created to make the development of new applications and solu- tions faster and easier.

Open standards will ensure further adoption by the community, organizations and individuals.

All of which will be able to extend, and even create, businesses using the UOP ecosystem. Our vision is to build a universal blockchain platform for anyone who wants to run commercial projects in the modern music industry.

We love music and innovation – and we want more of it.

We want artists to be able to focus on making the best music they can, and to be prop- erly compensated for their successes. It shouldn’t matter if you are a songwriter, producer, perform- er, vocalist or band member – everyone should be recognized and compensated for their work.

Small indie pop artists should be able to make a living and get the insights they need to grow their following. Publishers and Record Labels should get the tools they need to support the next generation of music professionals. Songwriters should get to control of how their works are being used. We are building the tools for a more transparent and fair industry for everyone.

We will host a number of services which will aid artists of all sizes in the creation, funding, and monetization of their content and performances.

Currently in development is the Genesis application, owned by the Utopia Genesis Foundation. Artists and owners of the music can sell a share of their work’s copyright revenue to the community.

The UOP will then be able provide the music consumption data in order to keep track of the song. Through the Utopia Music AG application Delta, we will also be able to see when music is played in other places than you previously knew about.

The Utopia Genesis Foundation will be tasked with getting the framework of the ecosystem up and running.

A big focus will be on providing a suite of applications to make creation and monetization easier.
We will also focus our energy on helping third parties build applications for the ecosystem, enhancing the business for all players and creating more revenue for the industry.


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