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Decentralized Platform And Payment System
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SonicX is a blockchain platform that provides trust, security and efficiency. It will be a paymentgateway that facilitates P2P transactions, a tokenized system for content storage and onlinegaming. The token can also be used for making cross-border payments. The SonicX blockchainis a decentralized platform for the Internet using the SOX token.

This will provide a service toaddress the challenges faced on the Internet. The result is a blockchain architecture that hasscalability at minimum cost to the user. The ecosystem will also have its own digital governancethat allows token holders to have voting rights for the benefit of the community.

Información técnica

SonicX was started as a fork of the Tron blockchain to address the issues of trust, security andefficiency. The project wants to bring the world a high-performance decentralized paymentgateway that allows direct P2P transactions, tokenized system for gaming and digital content,frictionless cross border payments and remittance network and most important of all a securedigital ledger. The SonicX team takes the underlying technology from Tron but improves uponits transaction velocity and scalability. SonicX aims to deliver faster performance and better privacy for transactions. We need toimplement this because with higher transaction volumes, there is a need for faster transactionprocessing.

SonicX was designed for volume transaction processing in mind in order to scale tomass production levels. To make processing payments easier on the SonicX network, short linkaddresses are going to be introduced. This provides human readable addresses that will makeusing the network payment system user friendly.

SonicX will make use of smart contracts on its platform. This will provide users a way to setconditions regarding a transaction that does not require a broker or third party. No middle manwill be involved to take fees. Instead, the smart contract will contain the logic of when to releasefunds based on conditions that were digitally signed during an agreement. This will enforce thesystem of trust between trustless parties when it comes to payments, settlements or transfer ofvalue and ownership. Privacy is also something the project values. The risk from doing online transactions today isgreat due to identity theft and lack of information security. Using a zero knowledge frameworkprovides users peace of mind regarding their data security on the SonicX network.

Nothingabout their personal information will be revealed during trustless transactions. SonicX can alsomakes use of the more private Tor network to route Internet connections for user anonymity. Moving forward, SonicX wants to bring content storage to another level. A decentralized storagefor documents, photos and other digital content. This will allow users to participate as storageproviders for the network and in return will get incentives. The more storage capacity provided,and incentives awarded.

The storage system will be ideal for content creators to showcase theirwork with their ownership of content verified on the blockchain. At the same time they canmonetize the platform from their followers, fans and patrons. To accomplish our vision, the SonicX project has a road map that will begin beta in April 2019.By the middle of 2019, the main network will launch to begin providing these services using theSOX token. With SonicX comes a faster and more secure platform for users to store and sharedigital content, play games and make direct payments.



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Sonicx Equipo

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Kevin Engle Dole
Chief Strategy Officer
Sasha Hodder
MBA, Esq., Attorney
Stanislav Shikhalev
Full stack developer


$240 000

Maxim Prishchepo
Lead Developer
Android/IOS developer


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Jessica Murphy
Compliance Advisor
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