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ScapesMania empowers Web3 enthusiasts to influence the development of a project built for a massive Web2 casual gaming audience and benefit from its performance.
23 may 2023
25 ene 2024
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Acerca de Scapesmania

ScapesMania is a gaming ecosystem catering to both Web2 players and Web3 enthusiasts alike. As a casual gamer, you can dive into your favorite pastime without worrying about crypto complexities. And if you're into crypto, you can help shape the project’s future and share in its success, no gaming controller required.

ScapesMania’s presale garnered over $6.125 million in funding, drew in nearly 18,400 holders, and attracted over 60,000 followers. Now, the ecosystem’s native token, $MANIA, is available on PancakeSwap, ready to trade with MANIA/WBNB and MANIA/USDT pairs.

Here's what awaits $MANIA holders:

  • Balanced Tokenomics with Cliff and Vesting: These mechanisms help maintain stability by keeping the supply and demand in check.
  • Token Utility Expansion: Unlike meme coins reliant solely on hype, $MANIA offers exceptional utility. It will serve as the in-game currency for the pilot gaming project, grant voting rights in the developing DAO, and provide opportunities for staking and community rewards.
  • Staking Program: Holders can score additional tokens as rewards by locking in a certain number of $MANIA.
  • DAO Governance: Community members can actively shape ecosystem development through voting on pivotal decisions.

Verified Safety: ScapesMania's smart contract has been audited and given the thumbs up by BlockSafu, instilling confidence among holders.


-Profitable Web2 Casual Gaming Audience
-Benefits for Web3 Enthusiasts from the Massive High-Potential Market
-Token BuyBack & Burn Reward Program for Token Holders
-DAO Governance Participation in the Development
-Tier-1 BNB Grant Winning Developer 
-Blockchain, GameDev, and Art In-house teams
-AI Content Generator & In-Game AI Assistant
-Engaging Mechanics & Setting Based on Market Research
-Well-Established Game Economy with a Wide Range of Revenue Streams
-App Store & Google Play Presence 
-Rapid Implementation based on Ready-made Solutions $MANIA Ecosystem: a unique opportunity to add new projects

Scapesmania Roadmap

  • Stage 1

  • • Market Research
    • Project Concept
    • Team Formation
    • Tokenomics & Vesting
    • Whitepaper v.1 Release
    • Project Website Release
    • Smart Contract Deployment
    • Legal Procedures
  • Stage 2

  • • MVP Development
    • GooglePlay & AppStore
    • Smart Contract Audit
    • Token Presale Launch
    • Community Building
    • Community Events Launch
    • Giveaway & Airdrops Launch
  • Stage 3

  • • PR & Influencer Marketing Launch
    • Crypto Trackers Listing
    • Collaborations & Partnerships
    • Core Gameplay Development
    • Meta Gameplay Development
    • DAO Governance Event
  • Stage 4

  • • Token Presale Completion
    • TGE & DEX Listing
    • CEX Listing
    • Token Staking Program Launch
    • Game Alpha Release
    • In-Game Plots
    • In-Game Quests
    • In-Game User Progression
    • DAO Governance Event based on Community Feedback
  • Lee mas
  • Stage 5

  • • Game Beta Release
    • In-Game Events
    • Clan System
    • Social in-Game Functions
    • Steam Platform Release
    • DAO Governance Event based on Community Feedback
  • Stage 6

  • • Global Launch Release
    • Casual Players Acquisition
    • Token Buyback & Burn

Scapesmania Equipo

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Scapesmania Entrevistas

As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
I am the CEO of Scapesmania, overseeing our entire project. I ensure compliance, integrity, and success in all aspects.
What do you think about idea?
The project has excellent potential and appeals to a wide audience, making it a standout idea in the market

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