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The token which acts as an investment vehicle for all our users!
Token Sale
1 nov. 2019
31 dic. 2019
100% terminado
Fondos recaudados - sin datos
Gol 45 000 000.00 USD
Gorra 5 000 000.00 USD
  • 1 RPSC
    0.05 USD
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Distribución de fichas
Crowdsale 90
Bounty & Airdrop Programs 9
Admin Fund 1
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Empresa Fundada
Nov 6, 2019
Detalles adicionales
Ethereum ERC-20

Acerca de Reposco

We do investments and buybacks every week to pump our price in place of dividends. The plan is to use the buybacks to move the price to at least $1 per token within the first 18 months!


The value created is the additional funding we generate! We're the only token that generates income for its own program via investments!

Información técnica


Reposco is a blockchain-based ecosystem that combines financial expertise with emerging technologies to offer a decentralized and democratized investment fund. The Reposco platform is built with security, simplicity, and accessibility in mind. Our platform will act as a bridge that connects investors with a lucrative investment market while at the same time reducing the element of risk.
Through Reposco’s blockchain solution, users will be able to:

▶ Access better investment plans in the market than their traditionally more conservative banking and non-banking investment products
▶ Invest in a crowdsourced fund
▶ Experience faster price-appreciation on their held tokens via the buyback program

As an inclusive platform, Reposco will serve all types of investors and does not have any restrictions in terms of geography or investment floor.

Reposco Roadmap

  • January 2020 (Growth Phase)

  • Official launch and start of trading for the raised capital
    Official buyback exchange will be announced; all buybacks will occur on this exchange and the rest of the market will follow.
    January will be the first buyback Friday, coming from the profits of the first week of profitable investment activity.
  • February 2020 - December 2021

  • Every week will have a buyback again on the exchange-listed as the official buyback exchange.
    Admin will provide updates every week what the buyback price was, and how many tokens were bought back when finished.
    Other half of investment profit will be used to grow the base capital for Reposco’s investment activities.
    By September 2020, the Reposco Coin will get listed on different cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • January 2022 (Redemption and Closing Phase)

  • Reposco admin will announce the stabilized price for all Reposco buyback programs, which will still happen on the same exchange.
    Scaling will also stop, effectively doubling the buyback amounts (in USD).
  • July 2022

  • Closing Phase will begin: Admin will announce final buy price for all Reposco tokens and the next few months will be spent on making sure all users have encashed their tokens properly through the final redemption buyback.
    The program officially ends.


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