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The digital alternative to cash developed by the QOOBER team is a global, blockchain-based system for converting fiat and cryptocurrency funds into the QOOB digital payment currency for trading and transfers to different parts of the world using Blockchain technology. The system provides the creation of an automated cryptocurrency payment solution for everyday tasks and business expenses. QOOB coins can be used for transfers and payments of any complexity around the world.
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1 abr. 2021
30 abr. 2021
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Acerca de QOOBER

QOOBER is a new open source blockchain that provides a "Digital alternative to cash". Our automated payment solution will take your financial transactions to a new level. Whether it's simple everyday expenses, such as paying for goods and services, or your company's financial obligations, such as paying for employees' work or transfers from partners and customers. Using the latest features of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, QOOBER will make your work with Finance convenient, simple and modern.

We believe that blockchain-based digital assets will shape a new future. Our mission – basing on many years of experience and using our strengths, to create the largest integrated multi-functional service that will provide safe, reliable and professional services for investors and entrepreneurs around the world.

Unlike Bank accounts, with QOOBER you have sole and complete control over your account. All transfers are performed automatically, without the participation of third parties. Outdated and stuck in the 20th century banking system is no longer able to provide quality services to modern decentralized companies and startups around the world. In order to solve this problem, we have created PaymentX – a modern solution that can bring the advantages of cryptocurrencies and blockchain to the most promising technology and financial companies.

QOOBER Roadmap

  • Done:

  • - Creating the QOOBER blockchain concept
    - Marketing research
    - Creating a document that normalizes the General provisions of the concept
    - Preparation for a closed investment round
    - Deployment of the main network
    - Alpha testing
    - Launch the user console
    - Launch of the blockchain and node
    - Security audit
    - Development of web site QOOBER
    - Web wallet release.
    - Starting the block browser
    - Preparing for listing on cryptocurrency exchanges
    - Distribution of coins to private investors
    - QOOBER API integration
    - The conclusion of the partnership
    - Android and iOS wallet development (ios in progress)
    - Listing on the BTC ALPHA exchange
    - The release of Windows, Mac OS wallets (mac os in progress)
  • Q4 2020:

  • - Network scaling, increasing the number of nodes
    - Promoting QOOBER
    - Launching the QOOBER node
    - Implementation of the voting module
    - Implementation of the extended functionality of node - validator and delegator
    - The conclusion of the partnership
    - Listing on the 2nd cryptocurrency exchange
    - Listing on Coinmarketcap
    - Update the app design
  • Q 1-2 2021:

  • - Development of smart contracts / implementation of smart contracts.
    - Start voting among validators about future changes in the community
    - Start the delegation process
    - Start of minting on the basis of QOOBER
    - Start of development of the QOOBER trading platform
  • Q 3-4 2021:

  • - Acquiring, issuing your own cards
    - Launch third-party applications based on QOOBER
    - Launch the QOOBER payment gateway
    - Launch of the QOOBER trading platform
    - Implementation of a mobile wallet with a contactless payment system
  • Lee mas
  • 2022:

  • - Marketing and design initiatives
    - Integration of the blockchain into the QOOBER trading platform
  • 2023:

  • - Global expansion of the QOOB coin
    - Implementation of software for creating decentralized applications


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