PieDAO ++

PieDAO ++

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
Over the last year Decentralized Finance has exploded, with many new financial tools built on Ethereum. DEFI Index Pie is the most diversified DeFi index on the market, aiming to provide the broadest possible exposure to this rapidly growing industry.
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Acerca de PieDAO ++

As a community we pooled our knowledge to build an index containing the highest-quality projects at the top of their game, featuring the best large and small cap projects in the ecosystem. A wide range of financial services are represented, including decentralized stablecoins (Maker), derivatives (Synthetix), price oracles (ChainLink) and layer two scaling solutions (LoopRing).

DeFi users can easily gain access to a diverse spectrum of DeFi projects with DEFI++, able to zap in at the touch of a button and just one transaction.PieDAO really does make DeFi simple.DEFI++ is a tokenized representation of a basket of relevant assets, with the underlying tokens safely stored in our treasury. The index is constructed using Balancer smart pools meaning that it constantly rebalances and reacts to market changes in real-time. There is no withdrawal fee, and a highly competitive 0.7% streaming fee rewards DOUGH holders for their governance of the system.

We also provide a DEFI++ staking contract where users can provide liquidity in return for a steady stream of DOUGH.



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