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Many users have recently given a feedback that the transaction fees for the Ethereum network are too high, making staking on PEAKDEFI platform lucrative only for larger volumes. PeakDefi have then considered, tested and researched and have now decided to bring PEAKDEFI platform, or rather the platform’s staking feature, to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The Binance Smart Chain has recently experienced incredible popularity and is becoming increasingly popular in the DeFi space. PeakDefi still believe in Ethereum and Ethereum’s DeFi ecosystem, but from now on they want to give their community the opportunity to decide for themselves whether they want to stake PEAK with the Ethereum network or with the Binance Smart Chain network.
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1 abr. 2021
30 abr. 2021
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If you look at their whitepaper and the tokenomics in the whitepaper, you will see an amount of around 300 million PEAK that was planned for larger investors. At the urging of the community, PeakDefi will now mint this amount on the Binance Smart Chain and make it available to the community via staking. This has another positive effect, because the fewer PEAK whales there are, the better and more decentralized the network will be built in the future. By integrating PEAK staking on the Binance Smart Chain, it will be accessible for many investors with smaller amounts to successfully and profitably stake their PEAK tokens.

Their developers have finalized the last tests and arrangements that need to be made for a successful integration. At the same time, they have set up a liquidity pool with one million PEAK tokens on Pancakeswap. And announcing that PEAKDEFI Staking is now available on Binance Smart Chain!
The Binance Smart Chain can currently only be used via Binance’s own wallet extension and via MetaMask. So if you want to use the Binance Smart Chain PEAKDEFI staking, you should set up your MetaMask wallet and set up the BSC network. A guide for setting up the BSC network on MetaMask can be found here.
Keep an eye on their social media channels, as  they will update and announce more information within the next coming days.
And if you want to get to know more about PEAK staking, you can check Stakingrewards for a full guide.


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