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24 jun. 2019

Pahoo is a best payment system.
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25 jun. 2019
7 jul. 2019
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Our Payment System Is An Active One That Contracts With The Best Gaming And Betting Sites.Day By Day Thousands Of Users Actuate To Serve Our Tokens.

Pahoo Lovely

We Will Have Thousands Of Our Own Specific Users.

Pahoo Valuable

We Valued For Our Own Token And Try To Make Them More Them More Valuable With Our Strategies And Efforts.

Pahoo Powerful

Closing Numerous Contracts With The Best Sites, Our Token Gives The Power Survival.

Pahoo Functional

We Are Trying To Make Our Token More Functional By Closing It With Our Customers.

Pahoo Effective

Only Two Of These Contracts Cause About 1000 Transactions Per Month.

Pahoo Special

To Make A Unique Payment We Are Going To Pre-buy Tickets For Football And Tennis And ...... Competitions, And Sell Them Only With Our Own Token.

Pahoo Useful

Apart From Partnering With Payment Sites, We Are Also Working On Creating New Sites And App To The Created Useful Token.

Pahoo Profitable

We Will Try To Invest Some Of Our Income In Profitability Activity And Return The Profit To Our.

Pahoo Goal

Our Short-term Goals Of Good Trade And Price Increases, Long-term Goals Of Durability And Become Brand.

Pahoo Supporter

We Freeze 20% Of Our Token For Two Years To Give Investors Confidence That We Are With Them.

Pahoo Longevity

An Established Project With Proven Functional Utility, Portraying Potential For Longevity.
An Active Community Presence Within A Large User Base.

Pahoo Real

It Is Available In Our Future Markets And Contracts By Over 2000 Retail Stores Worldwide.Real-world Partnerships Across.

Pahoo The Creator

We Will Build The App And Site For Internet Service, For Example, Insta Like An Online Game And Several Other Apps By Accepting Our Payment.

Pahoo Ranking

We Try To Get A Good Ranking In The Coin Market. Under 200.

Pahoo General

The General Explanation Is That Our Token Is A Payment System. Some Payments Belong To Our Partner Sites And Some Payments To Our Own Sites And App.
We Make A Token That Anyone Can Use.
*** If We Reach Our Goals, We Will Pre-order The Movie And Game And Sell It Exclusively With Our Token.

Pahoo Listing

We Try To List The Exchanges That Cover The World-wide, Exchanges From Every Continent, Until To Make Our Token Accessible To Everyone. Hitbtc, Tradesatoshi, Livecoin, Cryptopia, Crex24 And CoinexChange.

Pahoo Roadmap

  • Roadmap

  • 1Ieo Sale
    Q2Listing Pahoo On Most Of Big Exchanges
    Q3Pahoo Wallet Release And Add To Coin Market
    Q4Pre_order Movies And Game And Tickets And Sell Them Only With Pahoo


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Sam Rezaian
Founder & CEO
Sara Raad
Elena Raad
Ebraham Yazd
Crypto Trader
David Vafa

Pahoo Entrevistas

Sam Rezaian
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
My main role is to sell the ieo and the list
in exchange so that our token is real. After that, we are working hard to make our Token better every day and every day.
What do you think about idea?
I want to useful Crypto more and more.we create a lot of contracts with all kinds of jobs and everyday needs of the people
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