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Kingdom Game 4.0 released our own platform specific digital currency named KDG. In game payment transaction shall be applied Blockchain technology using KDG token. Gamers use KDG to buy items, upgrading level or use other in-game services transparently and safely.
14 mar. 2020
17 mar. 2020
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ngdom Game 4.0 is a platform that paves the way for the change of Game system that is useful for community. With the combination of talent and the revolution of technology, we aspire to create a new world, the Kingdom Game 4.0, where there is an inseparable connection among Game Publisher, Gamers and Agents network system. With the mission of bringing true value, guaranty the in-game assets for Gamers, practical benefits to Agents and that is why Kingdom Game 4.0 was born.

We aim to dedicate to the world a sustainable development solution with Gamers community. We hope to become a typical example for those who are pursuing patiently the 4.0 technology path.

Kingdom Game 4.0 is a product of Kingdom Holding Group belongs to the ecosystem of many different fields as Kingdom Technology, Kingdom Investment, Kingdom Finance,...

The operation team of Kingdom Game 4.0 is members with technology vision, long-term experiences in investment, strategic development and used to be Gamers. We would like to bring all Gamers a completely new great experiences.


  • Q1 2019

  • Survey and study to develop a new gaming platform to distribute digitally and only place for MMO/MMORPG, provide for gamer and developer services and opportunities to get benefit at Kingdom Game 4.0
  • Q2 2019

  • Introducing Kingdom Game 4.0 platform and its economy model.

    Deploying system test and applying blockchain technology into MMO/MMORPG Game.
  • Q3 2019

  • - Start running website and whitepaper in order to introduce Kingdom Game 4.0 platform to users.

    - Research and build KDG Token based on Ethereum foundation. There will be 100,000,000 KDG token is created and the number of these token shall be constant and never changed.
  • Q4 2019

  • - Funding from Angel investors to raise the fund for Project development

    - Issuing KDG token to test run on the platform. Using KDG to buy items and upgrade level in-game

    - Completing negotiation and license for Game publisher

    - Launching KDG game token payment system on APP and Web

    - Strategic partnership with other Game publisher as Bach Tuoc So, Gescoin Corp to publish new Games and widening payment network

    - Launching PC Game, opening testing version for MU SS14 and o Lam Truyen Ky...

    - Upgrading and testing new version of MU SS15

    - Developing Agents network nationwide.
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  • Q4 2020

  • - Introducing basic open source library for game development and in-depth support for gaming programmers

    - Upgrading in-game items trading exchanges by using Blockchain technology

    - Organizing a big Game tournament for Kingdom Game 4.0 citizens; Organizing the Game Blogger contest to find TOP commenters who make the most exciting, thrilling and attracting comment with a series of prestigious prizes to be awarded to worthy people.
  • Q3 2020

  • - Upgrade and update new features for Kingdom Game 4.0 system

    - Upgrade Assurance system in game through APPS and DAPP

    - Negotiate and purchase some more HOT Game MMO/MMORPG in order to make Kingdom Game 4.0 system multifarious.

    - Sponsor for eSport tournament nationwide.
  • Q2 2020

  • - Upgrading Guaranty items system for Kingdom game 4.0

    - Introducing items exchange in-game applied Blockchain technology

    - Getting license and push up development in Phillipines, Thailand, Indonesia

    - Buy nd own eSport game, exclusive distribution

    - Completing getting license for eSport, organizing elimination roud tournament in Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Korea

    - Introducing Kingdom Game labs, meet the requirement for the developing of 100 Game programing Engineer
  • Q1 2020

  • - Upgrading systems with capacity up to 5 Millions gamer joining at the same time

    - Introducing Guaranty system for items in-game

    - Publishing new game on Mobile, H5 platform

    - Continue developing Agents and providing KDG Token network nationwide

    - Negotiate and buy more copyright Game from oversea for exclusive distribution in Vietnam market

    - Introducing Labs livestream for KOLs and streamers

    - Promote marketing plan for Kingdom Game 4.0


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