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Kaiju Worlds

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
Turn your precious time into money with unique and high value NFTs
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Acerca de Kaiju Worlds

Kaiju Worlds is a game that focuses on rewarding players with Kaiju tokens. Players are rewarded for winning battles with enemies or winning exciting tournaments.

Players need skills to be able to fight. Players buy basic eggs to create Kaiju or buy Premium eggs to receive Kaiju. Skill can be bought on Marketplace or Shop Skill.

The rewards will increase as you get more wins and participate in more battles. To increase power, players can upgrade Kaiju with the Shine feature and upgrade Skills from Materials created from Land.

Land creates Materials to upgrade Skills, so land helps players have materials to upgrade skills or sell materials to earn income. Players need to have at least 1 Kaiju and a maximum of 4 Kaiju in their battle squads to join combats.

Kaiju Worlds is an exciting experience that will appeal to traditional gamers as well as Blockchain, NFT, and DeFi enthusiasts. There are many interesting things for you to discover in Kaiju Worlds. Only you can decide how much you want to participate in the decentralized features of the game.

What makes Kaiju Worlds unique and well-supported?

After only 8 days of launching, Kaiju Worlds was warmly received and supported by the community. There are more than 45K Telegram members and nearly 40k Twitter Followers. Kaiju Worlds is on the first ranking of BSC projects on PlaytoEarn.net

Possessing unique NFTs such as NFT Egg, NFT Skill helps players both play and earn money at the same time. NFT Land creates materials to increase the power of Skills, which also generate money. So NFTs are both a gaming tool and an investment tool to generate money while playing games.

To fight you only need 1 Kaiju and 1 Skill. Kaiju is created from Egg. Skills are empowered through materials. You want to upgrade the power of Kaiju, you have to use the Shine feature, which combine two Kaiju to form a more powerful Kaiju.

You always want to win because winning makes money. You want to participate in battles and win stronger enemies, because the more you defeat the stronger enemies, the more rewards you get so the more you want stronger power.

To have more power, you need stronger Kaiju and stronger Skill. Therefore, it creates a demand for material, since Land has a higher value but very finite, so the value is increasing.

Therefore, the financial ecosystem brings a unique appeal. The in-game items are both a tool to play and a tool to bring attractive income every day.

“Balance Station” - An exclusive system that intelligently coordinates to keep the Game balanced for stable and strong development

Establishing a financial mechanism to help the Game maintain a balance and attractiveness for many players over a long period of time is a challenge.

There are many interesting game titles for a short time but then no longer attractive because it does not guarantee a reasonable source of income for players. Either too much or too little rewards are dangerous for development in the long term of the Game.

There is a big problem we've found about games that is there's no balanced control or a poorly balanced system. We believe that there is a gap and difference between people with small capital and big capital. How to make both of these objects satisfied? This is a difficult problem.

Usually, when focusing on balancing the group with small capital, the group with big capital is affected and vice versa. We understand this well so from the very beginning we have established a unique and exclusive control system. This control system allows us to balance the Game and protect the long-term interests of the players. The system will calculate and set up a bonus mechanism for each win, so that any player, whether a new player or an old player, whether a player with small capital or big investment capital is suitable with Kaiju Worlds.

We are so proud of this “Balance Station” system, which will help Kaiju Worlds sustainably develop over time.

Investment capital is suitable for many players

Kaiju Worlds creates a mechanism so that people with little money can also play Games and earn money. However, what interesting is that it's not just for the low-budget. Because of our exclusive game balance mechanism, we create opportunities for both low-budget players and high-budget players.


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