Navigating the Spectrom Ecosystem: Unveiling the Molecule Token and Revolutionary Features

Navigating the Spectrom Ecosystem: Unveiling the Molecule Token and Revolutionary Features

Mads Kristensen, one of the founders of the Spectrom project, explores the innovative features and applications of the Molecule token within the Spectrom ecosystem, shedding light on its role in logo and name generation, freelancing, NFT creation, token issuance, and more.

What is the Molecule token and how does it differ from thousands of other cryptocurrencies?

M: Molecule is an internal token of the Spectrom ecosystem and will be the internal payment currency of most of the presented functions in the future. As well as holders holding more than 0.1% of tokens from the entire offer will receive a discount of 30% of the commission income once a week and have a flexible distribution. We also plan to develop a number of mini-games on the blockchain for the Spectrom ecosystem where Molecule will be used as a game token. We also plan to add other applications to the Molecule token for the Spectrom ecosystem through voting and community ideas. Based on this, he will have a great the number of applications and usefulness. The total limited offer is only 21,000 tokens.

How long have you been building the Spectrom project?

M: We have been building it for over 18 months and it is not an easy job. This will require a lot of effort to create a simple, secure and effective constructor platform for creating and promoting crypto projects.

How does the logo generator ensure uniqueness, and what measures are taken to prevent the use of pre-made templates?

M: The uniqueness of the logo generator lies in the fact that we will not use ready-made templates downloaded from the Internet, as all logo generators do, but will use only our own templates developed by our designers. With the help of special hashtags, you can choose the direction.For example, this is a template for a memcoin with a cat or a template for a blockchain. After payment, the user will be given the opportunity to download a file with the certificate of the sole owner of the logo and the logo itself. After that, the template will be deleted from the system and in the near future the designers will create a new one in order to there were at least 300 templates for each direction. In the future, we plan to add a neural network with the ability to choose the type of logo generation when we find a solution to how the system converts the file into a vector format.

Can you elaborate on the process of visualizing the logo on various products before making a payment?

M: The visualization process will take place in such a way that you can see how it looks on an advertising banner, business card, clothing, vehicles, signage from different angles.

Could you explain how the name generator provides a free domain for the future website?

M: The name generator works very simply. It is enough for the user to enter a keyword and the system, using the suffix selection method, will provide a variety of options for the name of your brand or website, as well as indicate the availability of a free domain.

What popular blockchains are supported for instant token creation, and how user-friendly is the process for those without special skills?

M: When creating your own token, you can choose any of the popular blockchains, and we will also add new popular blockchains if necessary. The user will be able to choose which commission the token will be charged when buying or selling, if necessary. For example, to receive your own token or a native coin of the network-bnb, etherium and others - to a marketing wallet. There will be a lot of useful features such as the "anti sniper bot" function where you can set a cooling-off period for trading, or the renunciation of the ownership of the smart contract and the transfer of ownership. The whole process of creating a token will be carried out with hints, so anyone can create a token without having experience.

What customization options are available for buyers in terms of size, color scheme, and logo placement on items before making a purchase?

M: Visualization will be carried out using a 3d graphics editor, as well as using individual size indications (length, width, height) of your body proportions and the color scheme of the material.

How does the 3D visualization feature help users ensure the appropriate application of the logo on products?

M: For example, you can use the services of the marketplace and apply a logo visualization with which you can choose where to place the logo embroidery or embroider it on a special tag and choose where it will be sewn. For example, on the sleeve, on the chest, at the bottom or on the back. The user will be able to purchase fashionable clothes that are produced in the USA in small-scale production using Italian knitwear and Swiss accessories.You can also upload your own logo and purchase clothes with this logo.

How does Spectrom guarantee a secure transaction as a third party in the freelancer platform?

M: A secure transaction system will be used on the Freelander platform. After the customer and the contractor agree on the transaction, the customer's payment will be blocked until the contractor completes the order. If the contractor violates the terms of the work performance agreement, the customer has the right to cancel the order ahead of time. It will be possible to choose a developer on this platform, a designer or moderator for your community. And also choose the services of an influencer or a YouTube blogger and pay for the service after completing the order.Spectrom will act as a guarantor of the transaction and a third party. Safe enough for all parties.

Can you provide details on the transaction facilitation process and the role of Spectrom in ensuring a secure transaction?

M: In Spectrom, you can choose the possibility of two types of payments and transactions at the user's request:

-Secure wallet connection via wallet connect.

-Sending to a special address confirming the hash of the transaction.

We will also provide secure registration without email or phone confirmation. It will be enough to connect your wallet during registration and the system will remember your wallet. This may be an empty wallet that is not used anywhere.

How does the NFT platform support artists in creating and selling NFTs, and what future integrations with neural networks are planned?

M: The NFT platform will use a neural network to create NFT collections with the ability to put these NFTs up for sale using all popular blockchains. So far, we cannot say with certainty whether this will be our own neural network that will be trained or whether we will connect a third-party neural network. It takes a lot of work.

How does Spectrom manage the entire airdrop process, and what parameters can users customize for their airdrop campaigns?

M: Anyone can place an airdrop on the Spectrom platform by specifying the tasks for which social networks you need to subscribe and analyze in your personal account. After the airdrop is completed, the system will automatically send tokens to users to the specified wallets.

What criteria and verification processes are in place for projects listing their tokens for trading on Spectrom?

M: The developer will be able to add his tokens to the Spectrum swap liquidity pool only after reviewing the submitted application. After that, he will receive a special code. But we cannot guarantee 100% against fraud, but it will reduce the risks if the Spectrom team analyzes the project as much as possible. Do not forget that cryptocurrency is a high-risk and highly volatile asset.

What unique features does the website builder offer for creating meme token websites, and how user-friendly is it for individuals without development experience?

M: Using the website generator will be quite simple.Using ready-made templates and hints, the user will be able to easily and step-by-step create a web2.0 website for example for his memecoin and choose a design, layout and much more, after which he will be able to download the ready-made code and place it on any hosting. We will try to make it the easiest to use, where anyone who has no experience will figure it out.