Monero Konferenco

Prague , Czechia

Acerca de Monero Konferenco

Monero Konferenco (“MoneroKon”) is an annual meeting of privacy advocates, cypherpunks, researchers, and developers and is designed to disseminate scientific and technical results in privacy-enhancing technologies and distributed systems. Marking its fourth year, the upcoming 3-day event will be held once again at the renowned Paralelní Polis in the Czech Republic from 7th-9th of June 2024. Come participate in discussions and help us move privacy forward one conversation at a time


Mark Simkin
Cryptography Researcher at Ethereum Foundation Ethereum
Director Priatek
Mike (Stringhandler)
Mykola Siusko
Ambassador manager Nym Technologies
Pavol Luptak
Cryptoanarchist, voluntaryist, perpetual traveler focused on technology and society hacking Crypto Acumen
Stanley Bondi
Tari Labs Tari Labs
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Stefanos Chaliasos
Imperial College London Imperial College London
Sterlin Lujan
Cryptospace Cryptospace
Acid Row
Adrian Truszczyński
Tari Labs Tari Labs
Alex Anarcho AlexAnarcho
Andrey Khavryuchenko
Member of Supervisory Board Ultraviolet Network
Ariel Gabizon
AZTEC Protocol AZTEC Protocol
Evgeny Poberezkin
Founder SImpleX Chat
Francisco Cabanas
James Corbett
Environmental Director, Europe World Shipping Council
Jeremy Rand
Lead Application Engineer of Namecoin Namecoin
Juraj Bednar
Co-Founder Hacktrophy
Aaron Feickert
Head of Research at Cypher Stack Cypher Stack
Abdullah Khan
Monero Node Monero
Software Developer
Alexis Roussel
Chief Operating Officer of Nym Technologies Nym Technologies
Lawrence a.k.a. Lando Rothbardian
ShopinBit ShopinBit
Liam Eagen
Independent Researcher Self Employed
Luke 'Kayaba' Parker
Serai DEX Serai DEX
Marina Petrichenko
Eco Dev Team Lead Waku


7 jun 2024, 20:01 , CET (UTC +1)
9 jun 2024, 20:01 , CET (UTC +1)
Lugar de encuentro:
Paralelní Polis Praha