Crypto Week Madrid Summit

Madrid , Spain

Acerca de Crypto Week Madrid Summit

Attend the largest conference in Spanish on Cryptocurrencies, Trading (including traditional finance), Investment, Blockchain, NFTs and Web 3, held simultaneously in Madrid and Online. Oriented to the learning and professional audience.


12,000 Attendees

100 Speakers

40 Sponsors.

+ 50 Hours of educational content in Spanish & English, with simultaneous translation and Networking guaranteed.


Pablo Gil
Professional manager for more than 35 years. Best technical analyst 2022
Boris Schlossberg
CNN, Bloomberg Speaker & Trader. NY
Rob Booker
Craziest trader in the world ever
Rob Hoffman
+20 Times World Trading Championship. USA
Kiana Danial
CEO at
Alexis Crypto
Crypto Entrepreneur in Dubai
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Arnau Ramió
CEO at Cryptomaster
Luis CryptoSpain
Crypto International Taxation
David Aranzabal
Founder of Crypto Week Summit Madrid
Daniel Lacalle
International Economist
Kathy Lien
Best Selling Author. NY
Ashraf Laidi
Best UK Market Analyst. London
Lex van Dam
1 million Dollar Trader. BBC. London
Oliver Velez
#1 source for professional trader education since the mid 1990s. Miami
Naeem Aslam
International Speaker in more than 30 Crypto Summits. London
Jose Carlos
Diez Economist Observer
Eneko Knorr
Crypto Startup. Onyze
Alex Ruiz
Crypto Day Trader. Youtube Influencer
Marc Nieto Day
Trader Forex & Cryptos. Youtube Influencer
Félix Fuertes
Ethereum Expert


7 jul 2023, 10:00 , CET (UTC +1)
8 jul 2023, 18:00 , CET (UTC +1)
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