Dosis by Rollyhoo

Dosis by Rollyhoo

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14 may. 2021

Streaming platform for audiovisual content in quick doses. Where FANS and creators come together through a rewards system based on blockchain technology. The centralization of the current streaming platforms does not leave a profit margin for the production companies. Talent barely gets image rights from reruns of their presence in content within platforms, and only a lucky few can dedicate themselves 100% to their profession. Oriented to the target between 14 and 42 years old, mostly digital native users accustomed to mobile and social media consumption. Original productions directed by and starring recognized professionals in the film industry and new talents yet to be discovered. A space where fans and artists can be mutually supported and rewarded. The DOSIS platform will offer production companies the possibility of carrying out film-quality audiovisual projects in micro format, reducing production costs and being able to monetize through users.
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3 may. 2021
3 ago. 2021
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Nov 12, 2017
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Acerca de Dosis by Rollyhoo

DOSIS is a decentralized film and series streaming platform in which all participants win .

Currently the audiovisual industry faces difficulties to develop content, impeded by the lack of resources added to the uncertainty of the premieres in cinemas. Conventional content production times are long and expensive , resulting in very long-term returns on investment.   

There is currently no window that shares the benefits of viewer or display growth

DOSIS is an ecosystem where production companies can participate in the creation of films and series in cinematic quality micro format , and exhibit it through a platform that shortens production times, being able for the first time to monetize in the short term and  eliminating intermediaries .

A platform that brings together Fans &  Idols. A place where you can  enjoy your favorite stars,  discover new talents and where you can participate in the projection of their professional careers. And you will also  be rewarded  through experiences and exclusive material.

Rollyhoo and Dosis is based on the Ethereum blockchain and will have an ecosystem that will allow revenue to be shared fairly, both for content providers and talent, as well as for the true creators of all this value:  the consumer .

If you want to be part of the streaming industry, access the offer of Security Tokens through the Whitelist now.

 with content providers . 



Production companies: Being able to produce cinematographic content in a short format and monetize it through a streaming window.
Offer viewers access to exclusive content, makinf of, promotional material ... in exchange for tokens.
Receive metrics of your content.
Get funding for your projects through tokenization or advertisers.

Talent: Create a profile and access job opportunities for recognized and new talents.
Develop a network of fans to interact with, offering them experiences and exclusive material in exchange for tokens.
Be represented by brands or investors through tokenization or advertisers.

Advertisers: Carry out advertising campaigns to a specific target.
Being able to finance projects through product placement
Representing stars and new talents


View micro content and earn tokens for the time spent on the platform.
Follow talent, support it with tokens in exchange for experiences and exclusive matrial.
Follow producers and support them in exchange for experiences and exclusive material.
Share comments with other users and be able to see titles simultaneously.

Choose what type of ads you want to see in each session

Benefit from a low fee in exchange for viewing non-invasive ads

Información técnica

The DOSIS ecosystem will have a utility token that will facilitate the distribution of the profits generated by the content, taking into account the producers, creators, rights and time of the user

Dosis by Rollyhoo Roadmap

  • 2018

  • Constitution / Technological Development and launch V1 / Test / Metrics
  • 2019

  • Launch V2 / Investment opening / Membership system / Teaser shooting / 40K Turnover
  • 2020

  • Turnover 45k / Pandemic / Study of consequences in the sector / We pivot the business model: Streaming
  • 2021

  • Launch of STO Dosis project / Technological development / Strategic agreements / Production Originals
  • Lee mas
  • 2022

  • Presentation in markets and festivals / Promotion / Launch of the Dosis App

Dosis by Rollyhoo Equipo

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Tony Higueruelo
Founder & Producer
Cristina Palomino
Founder & CEO
Ricardo Maldonado

Dosis by Rollyhoo Entrevistas

Tony Higueruelo
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
Founder & Producer Rollyhoo.
More than 22 years dedicated to the audiovisual sector participating in national and international professional projects
What do you think about idea?
A token with the power to give access to the growing streaming market, providing the possibility of creating a deocratized platform for fans and professionals in the sector
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