Chain of Alliance

Chain of Alliance

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
An on-chain RPG Gaming Multiverse built on @Chromia where you can battle against other players, customize and level up characters, earn and collect NFTs.
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Acerca de Chain of Alliance


Chain of Alliance is a fully on-chain role-playing and strategy game in a fantasy/science fiction setting with NFTs. Join a party of adventurers and combat other players' parties or AI-controlled monsters. Loot and get XP to enhance and develop your individual heroes!


Create and collect fully customizable and progressible character NFTs and use them in PvP games, story based AI-battles or custom campaigns to earn $COA, new fragments and weapons. 


Own and manage LAND by adding fully customizable arenas or other structures that enable special functionalities, which players and creators will be able to rent.


Incorporate our rich lore, customizable characters, and land ownership system to create engaging, story driven campaigns for players.



Chain of Alliance integrates all popular GameFi and DeFi components in a coherent way, while offering a fun and strategic game. 


Connects the communities of Chain of Alliance and its partners by enabling you to transfer and use each other's NFTs, as well as progress them through interconnected game loops.

Blockchain Integration

Gives you more trust in the game by having your progress, the game logic itself as well as the metadata of your NFTs stored in a verifiable and transparent way on a public blockchain.

In-game Marketplace

Buy and sell NFTs and equipment directly from the Chain of Alliance user interface, bypassing secondary marketplaces

Decentralized Governance

Allows token holders to make collective decisions about game direction, graphics, and penalties for users who mismanage or neglect their LAND.


Users can earn additional rewards by staking their character NFTs, allowing them to be used as AI enemies in custom campaigns.


Utilizing Chromias Originals Standard, all characters and equipables will be represented as NFTs and their corresponding metadata will be stored on chain. This allows the progress of the character to be stored on the chain and sold along with it.


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