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CatzCoin (CATZ). Introducing a truly connected global community for cat fans. Our vision – to bring cat enthusiasts together through the power of decentralized cryptocurrency.
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Acerca de CatzCoin

Our mission is twofold:

  • to support abandoned and homeless cats and to ensure they have a loving home
  • to empower cat fans using the power of decentralized finance and a limited supply coin

Join us today.

What makes CatzCoin different?     Made by cat lovers, for cat lovers
  • Designed to overtake Dogecoin as the top community coin, CATZ is an ambitious project to connect cat people all around the globe.

  • Once we moon, we pledge a portion of our coins to the charities that support homeless cats.


    Limited supply
Get in quick
  • There is a capped supply of 100 billion coins – no new coins will ever be created.

  • 20% of the CATZ will be burnt, 5% every 6 months over the next 24 months.

  • Get in now before they all disappear.

    We are a new coin 100x price potential!
  • For the price of a Dogecoin to increase 100x, the coin would need to become bigger than Biden’s infrastructure bill (i.e. $3 trillion!).

  • With a starting market capitalization of $25k, early backers will be rewarded as $CATZ overtakes $DOGE.

CatzCoin Roadmap

  • 1 May

  • PancakeSwap Listing - ✅
    Catz launch!
  • 10 May

  • CatzInfluencer Collaborations - On-going
    Collaborating with influencers and famous cat people to take $CATZ and the CatzNation to the next level.
  • 13 May

  • CatzRewards Program - On-going
    The incentive program encourages CatzFans to promote the CatzNation on Twitter, YouTube and other social media platforms. It also rewards CatzFans for creating a vibrant Telegram community.
  • Mid May

  • Listing on Price-Tracking Websites - ✅
    $CATZ is currently listed on CoinMarketCap (CMC) and CoinGecko, the two most-referenced price-tracking website for cryptoassets in the rapidly growing cryptocurrency space.
  • Lee mas
  • Mid May

  • CatzNation Expansion - On-going
    CatzCoin has started to develop a strong CatzFan base in major cities around the world. Our traffic location shows we have traffic from cities in every continent in the world (except Antarctica!).
  • Late May

  • Listing on Centralized Exchanges - ✅ and On-going
    $CATZ is expecting to list on a number of centralized exchanges in late-May 2021. Listing on centralized exchanges will significantly improves liquidity and volume of CatzCoin being traded, as well as propel CatzCoin into mainstream acceptance.
  • 9 Jun

  • Airdrop Event - On-going
    Airdrop for everyone who signs up and joins our community! [Applications now open]
  • 23 May - 26 Jun

  • CatzNFT Contest
    Winner gets $5k in coins!
  • 30 Jun

  • CatzSwap Launch
    The goal of CatzSwap is to provide an easy, efficient and safe platform to trade your valuable cryptocurrency while remaining decentralized and free from government or institutional interference.
  • 31 Jul

  • CatzFarm Launch
    Liquidity providers / farmers will receive $FISHZ every time they stake their $CATZ-BNB LP tokens or other pairs of LP tokens.
  • 31 Aug

  • CatzTrading Launch
    NFTs harvested on CatzSwap are tradable on CatzTrading, alongside other cat related NFTs. Each NFT is unique and is proof of digital ownership.
  • 31 Oct

  • CatzCharity
    We will donate 5% of the total coin supply to help our furry friends.
  • 31 Oct

  • CatzBurn
    20% of the $CATZ (the coins, not the cats) will be burnt, 5% every 6 months over the next 24 months. Buy now before they are gone!


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