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Plataforma de apuestas deportivas en línea
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6 sept. 2017
31 dic. 2017
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$5 244 313
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Acerca de Betmaster

Existing Challenges

Sports Betting is a 450 billion dollar industry and yet traditional approach is in most part too common and inefficient, while limiting adequate security and trust, and lacking the “spark” needed for customer engagement.

Our initial approach was to tackle some of the major problems that bettors experience online, namely:

  • Dependency on centralized outdated technology — all major betting platforms operate based on outdated IT solutions (i.e. old software or platforms which are developing very slowly), and are too cumbersome to quickly adapt to the changing environment. These systems do not allow for quick expansion and trusted environment for customers which Blockchain
  • Dishonesty of betting platforms — e.g. illegal exploitation of personal data, bonus programs with hidden traps that do not allow cash out, blocking of accounts with big wins, fixing the odds etc.
  • Limited access to betting — e.g. high minimum bets, IT issues faced when with betting from mobile devices, inability to bet using cryptocurrencies etc.
  • Complexity of the betting experience — e.g. unclear “standard” acronyms that are designed for betting platforms and not for bettors (e.g. “1x2”, “totals”, “Asian handicaps” etc.), as well as endless coefficient tables etc. world we know provides.

Solution with Betmaster

Betmaster created a proven, rapidly growing and revenue generating Sports Betting system giving the power of betting to the people on a Peer to Peer basis. Just as many popular P2P crypto exchanges on the Blochchain universe, Betmaster created a truly unique P2P betting exchange allowing bettors to create their own betting rules and odds and matching their game offers with other bettors that take the challenge.

Following are specific solutions Betmaster solves:

  • Blockchain Impact (Safe and Trusted Betting) — power of Blockchain decentralized environment has allowed crypto exchanges to expand rapidly processing billions of transactions in the recent past to this very day. Betmaster, followed same proven approach and created similar environment
    for people to actually create their own bets (similar to bids on crypto exchanges) and allow others on the platform to review the rules and bet against them Peer to Peer. Because people are now dealing with people (and not the “bookies” companies) while rating their experience and Betmaster escrows the betting funds as secure Blockchain transaction this process provides upmost Trust and Security of a transaction regardless of the result of any given bet.
  • Fast and Efficient Betting — utilizing crypto currency and Betmaster escrow approach, bettors can place multiple various offers real-time 24/7 on sporting events around the globe.
  • Fun and Excitement, User Experience — State of the art interface and cutting-edge P2P betting process on Blockchain is the reason why Betmaster bettors are inviting their friends to join Betmaster camp while sharing their experience allowing Betmaster to rapidly expand its user-base.

Company plans to continue heavily investing into blockchain technology and sport betting innovations, while adding additional games and fantasy sports options. Company also is continuing its expansion into new markets.

Betmaster Roadmap

  • Marzo de 2015

  • Proyecto lanzado
  • Diciembre de 2015

  • Primera versión de la plataforma de reserva completa
  • Febrero de 2016

  • Integración de las transmisiones en vivo y previas al partido completadas
  • 1 de marzo de 2016

  • Plataforma de apuestas lanzada
  • Lee mas
  • 1​​March​​2016

  • Betting​​ platform ​​launched
  • Junio ​​de 2016

  • Aplicación móvil lanzada
  • August 2016

  • $100,000 monthly turnover achieved
  • Febrero de 2017

  • Versión móvil de la plataforma de apuestas lanzada
  • Marzo de 2017

  • $ 1,000,000 de facturación mensual alcanzada
  • March ​​2017

  • $1,000,000​​ monthly ​​turnover ​​achieved
  • Junio ​​de 2017

  • Punto de equilibrio alcanzado (ganancia neta mensual de $ 51.199)
  • June​​ 2017

  • Break-even​​ achieved​​ ($51,199​​ monthly​​ net ​​profit)
  • 6 de septiembre de 2017

  • ICO lanzó
  • 25 de octubre de 2017

  • $ 4,500,000 invertidos
  • 30 de noviembre de 2017

  • ICO completado
  • Enero de 2018

  • Lanzamiento del programa "Lucky Token"; Cryptocurrencies permitidas para apostar en la plataforma de apuestas Apuestas en cybersports permitidas en la plataforma de apuestas
  • 2018

  • Fondos ICO invertidos para expansión a 12 nuevos países


Betmaster Equipo

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Serhii Moliboh
Project coordination
Beslan Birzhev
Product owner at Betmaster
Dmitry Zholobov
Business analytic at Betmaster


$5 244 313

Andreas Ioannou
Director at Leo Trust Cyprus Ltd
Vladimir Markov
Research & development manager at Betmaster
Mikhail Traverse
Partner at ISD Group
Vika Prudnyk
Chief Operating Officer at Hashtag agency marketin...
James Treacher
Head of Marketing at Blazon PR marketing, PR, ICO...
Michael Raven
Founder & Managing director at Blazon PR marketing...
Edward Mandel
CEO at Object Micro, Inc. blockchain enthusiast, m...
Anatoliy Zhupanov
Product manager at Betmaster product management
Johann Barbie
CTO at Acebusters blockchain engineering
Anton Fedchenko
Frontend developer at Betmaster programming
Denis Drozhzhov
Designer at Betmaster design
Anatoliy Zenkov
Designer at Betmaster design
Stanislav Kotseruba
Backend developer at Betmaster programming
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