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AI Marketplace

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19 sept. 2021

A system that allows data owners, cloud vendors, and AI developers to collaboratively train machine learning models in a trustless AI marketplace.
16 sept. 2021
15 dic. 2021
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Acerca de AI Marketplace

What is an AI Marketplace?

• Developing AI models often requires the sharing of data from the user side, and such data may be proprietary. Therefore, an AI marketplace may have a mechanism which ensures that developers use that data only for training purposes.

• An AI marketplace needs a mechanism which can determine the quality of a final delivered AI model. Conventionally, accuracy has been the primary metric. However, alternative metrics that capture reliability, robustness, and fairness are also now considered important.

• Like in any conventional software system, AI systems also require maintenance over time. In the standard software industry, the company which originally developed the software is usually responsible for providing support. However, in an AI marketplace, specific AI developers may not be available in the future. So, an AI marketplace needs standard guidelines which AI developers should follow while developing models for marketplace customers. Thus maintenance by other AI developers is much easier.

• Unlike in an app store, an AI marketplace could allow customers to request new products on the fly. An AI marketplace can then quickly match AI customers with AI developers with relevant expertise.

• Some AI models are proprietary. So, unlike in an app store, they can not be shared online with a wider audience, as this would further facilitate adversarial attacks and risk leaking intellectual property.


Marketplace stakeholders

data owners (DO), cloud owners (CO), and model owners (MO). 

  • The DOs own large proprietary datasets (e.g. healthcare, self-driving cars, compliance data, etc.), which are especially valuable to train accurate AI models. They wish to monetize this data and sell it for AI training in a safe, secure, and transparent manner multiple times without loosing its ownership. By being part of a marketplace, DOs can increase the outreach and monetary gains that they can derive from their data, which may otherwise be utilized minimally or lie unused in their datalakes. 


  • The COs are cloud service providers, who wish to sell storage and GPU compute resources needed to train AI models. By being part of a marketplace, the COs can increase their customer base and offer subscription-based storage and compute services at competitive prices. 


  • The MOs are enterprise or freelance AI developers who have the skills and experience to develop sophisticated AI models, but lack the data needed to train the models. The MOs eventually wish to monetize their trained models and therefore do not want to loose ownership of their models in the process of training them. By being part of a marketplace, MOs can obtain access to diverse datasets that meet their training requirements, GPU compute resources at competitive prices from COs, and ultimately lower the overall cost of training AI models. 

AI Marketplace Roadmap

  • Liftoff (Q4 2021)

  • - Native token development.
    - IDO round
  • Ignition (2022)

  • - Backend development
    - Strategic partnerships with data owners, cloud vendors, and AI
    - Listing on PancakeSwap
  • Acceleration (Q1 2023)

  • - Beta version
    - second presales round
  • Skyward (Q4 2023- Q1 2024)

  • - Release of mainnet version marketplace


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Benjamin Kumar

AI Marketplace Entrevistas

Benjamin Kumar
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
I`m responsible for providing profound quantitative and qualitative insights around product use ,quality, and performance of the user experience across a variety of touch-points and data sets.
What do you think about idea?
A critical factor impeding the success of both centralized and decentralized AI marketplaces is that they do not guar- antee data and model privacy. As a consequence, both data and model owners can easily lose ownership of their assets and are unable to derive value from them in a sustainable manner. The suggested the design and architecture preserves the privacy and ownership of AI assets in a decentralized AI marketplace that has no trusted central entity.

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