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Venus mine is a project that develops a new innovative architecture for Bitcoin miners.
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Jul 1, 2018
Jul 31, 2018
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Platform, Cryptocurrency, Electronics, Manufacturing

About VenusMINE

A feature of our architecture is its compactness. It is several times smaller than the architectures on which existing miners are based. This means that on the same area of ​​the microchip crystal, much more computing cores can be accommodated and thus provide greater performance, at the same cost of power and chip prime cost.

VenusMINE Roadmap

  • February - March 2017

  • Beginning of researching of the bitcoin source code verification of its cryptographic stability.
  • April - May 2017

  • Investigation of mining technology, acquaintance with the history of success in BitFury and tachnical characteristic of their chips for miners.
  • June 2017

  • The birth of the idea of creating miners with a more compact and productive architecture ASIC-chips.
  • OCtober 2017

  • Frozen work of personal design of miners resulting from concerns about the unreality of collecting a huge amount of money at the ICO that is required to launch the production of miners.
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  • April 2018

  • The failure of the ICO project Venus GEET in connection with the total lack of finding for advertising.
  • May 2018

  • Return to the architecture development for bitcoin miners.
  • June - August 2018

  • Launching the PRESALE project Venus MINE.
  • September 2018

  • Launch of the Venus MINE Pre-ICO project to raise funds for Silicon-Shuttle.
  • October - December 2018

  • Order Silicon-Shuttle test samples of chips.
  • January - March 2019

  • Order Silicon-Shuttle at the factory.
  • April-June 2019

  • Getting test chips.
  • July 2019

  • Start work on the organization of a large ICO with the purpose of raising funds for the serial order of ASIC- chips and the construction of a factory for manufacturing miners.

VenusMINE Team

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Rostislav Khomyakov
Vitaliy Monastyrskiy
Organizer of the project
Alexey Tolstikhin
Co-founder, primary investor
Yury Lavrukhin
Web Developer
Inna Kalinskay
Alliance manager, translator

VenusMINE Last News

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