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Utrade ICO is a derivative of a global securities trader that provides consumers with derivatives such as contracts such as digital assets, securities, foreign exchange, products etc.
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The goal of uTrade is to help users carry out the global derivatives trading under in fairness and compliancy. Combining the practices of cryptocurrency and foreign exchange retailing, uTrade is expected to seek our footing in the current market as a new force in sudden rise. uTrade operates in two parts: a proprietary trading platform, and a blockchain protocol that materialises the eco-system of decentralised derivatives trading.The global derivatives trading platform of uTrade, is a universal trading platform (UTP) for native tokens. First of all, by getting the entry into the foreign exchange retail market and counting on the token incentive mechanism and the real documentary mechanism to promote growth, the global derivatives trading platform is expected to become a norm of foreign exchange retail platform, accounting for 20% of the world's daily trading volume on par of a share of hundreds of billions of US dollars in foreign exchange retail. Following that, bonus and other mechanisms are used to complete a smooth shift to convert users from the foreign exchange user to the cryptocurrency user. In the future, uTrade will become a derivative full-assets market covering foreign exchange, cryptocurrency, stocks, bonds, and share options to enable users to carry out the transfer and conversion in multiple markets. This shall inject new vitality into the foreign exchange market while bringing in new increments for existing cryptocurrency money market and opening up a totally new prospect.The second part is the uTrade protocol, a clearing system based on distributed ledgers. uTrade is a network protocol that provides a high-performance underlying clearing network that defines the rules of transaction grammar, data interface, and order matching to unblock the data flow in glob-al trading platforms, helping each distributed brokerage to share the liquidity and share the data. This will make financial derivatives transactions become more practicable, reliable and honest, conducing to the ecology of global financial transactions.The total amount of the UTP tokens is 1 billion. In addition to the first 15% of private placements, 51% will be the feedback to uTrade platform users and uTrade protocol users by means of ecologi-cal incentives to realise the integration of users, operators and investors in one. UTP tokens can be used to Deduct commission, participate in node campaigns, share profit dividends, pay the bro-ker’s margins, work as market maker‘s incentives and be used in other landing scenarios, putting on solid value support for UTP tokens.


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