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New cryptography solution with security level applicable & effective in post-Quantum computers era, implemented in Toxic Messenger, Wallet and Bi-mail solutions. Keyless encryption, new keyless authentication, the highest level of security in communication and cryptocurrency finance. We will build the new level of blockchain systems and incredible possibilities for a new cryptocurrency.

While governments put all communication channels and financial flows under total control to fight against terrorism and corruption, people's private data and user behavior are permanently traced in the internet… Toxic new cryptography which based on the KCG system with GVEM will be implemented to guarantee that no third party can get any private information. To reach this we are developing a set of software solutions (Toxiс Ecosystem).
At the moment Toxic messenger MVP version is already available to the public (based on TLS 1.2, DTLS till new KCG is developed).
Oct 28, 2019
Dec 31, 2019
100% completed
$13 200 000
100% cap completed
Cap 13 200 000.00 USD
  • 1 TOX
    0.22 USD
Token Details
Total supply
Token Distribution
- ICO investors 85%
- reserve 5%
- bounty & advisers 5%
- team 5%
TOXIC token is the only payment currency in TOXIC Ecosystem with core demand generated by advertisers to use it as the only payment instrument to buy advertising posts & places in Toxic Ecosystem products. The supply of TOXIC token is fixed to 70,588,236 tokens and the permanent price increase is achieved by an integrated fixed formula of tokens utilization to purchases advertisements posts, where 1 time adds post to all Toxic users always cost 10,000 tokens. This means that the more Toxic Ecosystem users are, the higher the market value of each TOX token.
Accepted Currencies
Min Contribution
Company Details
Registered Company Name
Financial company Toxic LLC
Registered Country
Company Founded
Aug 20, 2008
Bonus Structure
Stage of pre-ICO & ICO Amount of EUR to be collected % of Company ownership TOX Token price in EUR Tokens Available for Purchase
Tier 1 pre-ICO Current 50,000.00 0.50 0.0500 1,000,000
Tier 2 pre-ICO 100,000.00 0.50 0.1000 1,000,000
Tier 3 pre-ICO 200,000.00 0.75 0.1333 1,500,000
Tier 4 pre-ICO 400,000.00 1.40 0.1429 2,800,000
Tier 5 pre-ICO 800,000.00 2.40 0.1667 4,800,000
Tier 6 pre-ICO 1,600,000.00 4.40 0.1818 8,800,000
Tier 7 ICO 3,200,000.00 8.00 0.2000 16,000,000
Tier 8 ICO 5,650,000.00 12.01 0.2353 24,012,500
TOTAL 12,000,000.00 29.96 59,912,500
Additional Details


Keyless encryption technology eliminates the human factor, the possibility of theft, bribery or voluntary intent to transfer keys to other persons.
Completely eliminates the possibility of hacking, including the brute-force attack due to Geometric Vector Encryption Method.
Multi-level (up to 6 levels) encryption makes the system completely protected against the third party interference.

Final product set-based on new encryption will guarantee full communication & crypto-financial freedom.


Messenger. Toxic messenger is supplemented with a possibility to purchase of any phone number worldwide and outgoing communication services. MVP release in September 2019
Wallet. Toxic wallet uses new authentication based on KCG with GVEM allowing easy and reliable interaction with wallets & cryptocurrencies. Release in August 2021
Bi-mail. Toxic bi-mail email service will allow to hide personal sensitive information and all relevant communication information from unwanted access. Release in December 2021

Technical Info

TOXIC Roadmap

  • September Q3, 2018

  • R&D and product concept
  • January Q1, 2019

  • Toxic messenger Beta release
  • May Q2, 2019

  • Keyless Cipher Generator (KCG) system with Geometric Vector Encryption Method (GVEM) research & techpaper
  • OctoberQ4, 2019

  • Toxic messenger MVP for iOS and Android with TLS 1.2, DTLS
    Pre-ICO Start (Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3): KCG with GVEM & Toxic Ecosystem (messenger, bi-mail service, wallet). ERC-20 Toxic tokens TOX available to early investors with very attractive prices
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  • January Q1, 2020

  • Pre-ICO (Tier 4, Tier 5, Tier 6): KCG with GVEM & Toxic Ecosystem (messenger, bi-mail service, wallet). ERC-20 Toxic tokens TOX available to early investors with attractive prices
  • AprilQ2, 2020

  • General Sale ICO Start (Tier 7 and Tier 8): KCG with GVEM & Toxic Ecosystem (messenger, bi-mail service, wallet). ERC-20 Toxic tokens TOX available to all investors
  • DecemberQ4, 2020

  • New encryption technology Keyless Cipher Generator (KCG) system with GVEM available to market
  • February Q1, 2021

  • Toxic messenger Alfa release based on KCG with GVEM available on the market, as part of Toxic Ecosystem
  • JulyQ3, 2021

  • Toxic multi wallet with fiat-crypto currencies gateways based on KCG authorization available on the market, as part of Toxic Ecosystem
  • December Q4, 2021

  • Toxic bi-mail (email service based on KCG with GVEM) available on the market, as final product of Toxic Ecosystem



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Yaroslav Pryymak
Marina Lishchenko


$16 430 373

Andriy Mykhailyshyn
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