Token Milky Way

Token Milky Way

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
What is Milky Way token?

Exchange Milky Way Token is a governance token generated within the Bunker Life Club portal.

Within the bunker life club portal you can exchange for MWAY / CSN and use token tramboliko with the products and services offered by the platform.

At Bunker Life Club we say goodbye to Scams

Bunker Life Club is a platform that facilitates the creation of token projects and the association of investors for projects under development.

In Bunker Life Club you can:

– Create ERC20, BEP20, WAVES tokens
– Create projects in shared groups
– Staking and winning
Jul 7, 2021
Oct 28, 2021
100% completed
Raised funds - no Data
Token Details
Total supply
Token Distribution
7% founder = MWAY

Locked 4 years in
1 day after the pre sale 3% release MWAY token
1 days after the pre sale 3% profits founders token MWAY
1% per annum release MWAY token
1% annual profits founders token MWAY

10% staking for rewards SpaceX = MWAY

Locked 5 years in
10 days after the pre sale 5% release MWAY token
10 days after the pre sale 5% staking token MWAY for investors
1% per year release MWAY token
1% annual staking token MWAY for investors

25% staking for investors = MWAY

Locked 5 years in
10 days after the pre sale 5% release MWAY token
10 days after the pre sale 5% staking token MWAY for investors
4% per year release MWAY token
4% annual staking token MWAY for investors

25% presale and market



25% Blocked in
Pre sale 12.5% ​​sell token MWAY
Market PancakeSwap 12.5% ​​MWAY token

Presale Rate

presale price: ( If I pay 1 BNB, 1.500.000 MWAY )

market uniswap price: ( If I pay 1 ETH, 1.000.000 MWAY )

Minimum Contribution Limit: 0,01 BNB

Maximum Contribution Limit: 10 BNB

( liquid pool will be blocked 5 years )
7% private sale = MWAY

private sale price: ( If I pay 1 BNB, 2.000.000 MWAY )

WhiteList PREMIUM for investors of the private sale
✅ We will provide you with the company’s tax information and the direct contact telephone number for the Premium investor.

✅ We also put at your disposal a law firm to help and resolve any incident you may have as a MWAY premium investor.

1% airdrop = MWAY

1 day after the end of the pre-sale, the lottery airdrop draws will begin for MWAY investors

Each month the amount of 100,000 MWAY of the airdrop will be raffled among all investors for 5 winners.

25% Reserved for rewards investor token casini CSN ERC20
Accepted Currencies
Company Details
Registered Country
Additional Details
Yes , from Jul 7, 2021 till Oct 28, 2021

Token Milky Way Roadmap

  • Roadmap

  • Smart contract BEP-20
    junio 10, 2021

    Smart contract creation BEP-20 of the BSC network for token Milky Way ( MWAY )

    Create WordPress
    junio 29, 2021

    Website creation made in WordPress and Cryptocurrency Logos. Domain contracted at – We have been working with since 2014, when they were still

    Private Sale
    junio 30, 2021

    Opening of the private sale for premium investors who will obtain additional benefits and greater rewards. The private sale will end when we raise 500 BNB funds.

    Security Certificate SSL WordPress
    julio 1, 2021

    We install the SSL Security certificates on the website. Web hosting contracted at – We have been working with since 2014.

    Create Whitelist
    julio 2, 2021

    We created and launched the 1st Whitelist Premium

    Create par MWAY / BNB market on PancakeSwap
    julio 2, 2021

    Create MWAY / BNB market pair and test the exchange on PancakeWap.

    octubre 8, 2021

    The pre-sale will start when 500 BNB funds have been raised. It will be announced and made in

    Add liquid to MWAY / BNB market on PancakeSwap
    octubre 28, 2021

    70% of the profits collected to create par MWAY / BNB market in PancakeSwap. With a liquid pool blocked 12,5% = MWAY.

    List Coinmarketcup
    diciembre 31, 2021

    During the year 2021 we will work and do our best to list in coinmarketcup. But it will surely be for the year 2022.


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Jimmy Casini

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