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Tixl is a new cryptocurrency that allows private, instant and zero-fee transactions. All tokens on a single high-performance network. For a new era of DeFi, payments & banking.
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    MTXLT-286/BNB 3 months ago
    $ 291.61
    $ 88.935 K
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    MTXLT-286/BTC 8 months ago
    $ 182.24
    $ 16.765 K
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About Tixl

Minimal network fees, instant transactions and/or interoperability are what existing DEXs, DeFi solutions or other areas are still missing.

Through offering developers the ability to build interoperable dApps & Smart Contracts that can be called from any connected platform (i.e. Bitcoin, Ethereum, BSC or Polkadot), Tixl will change that.With interoperable Smart Contracts & dApps for Tixl’s low-fee, instant transaction Autobahn Network, from Cross-Chain Liquidity Pools for Decentralized Exchanges (DEX), any Payment or Point of Sale (PoS) or banking solution can be set up. Think of:

  • Interoperable swapping with super-low fees
  • PoS Payments using NFC
  • Metamask integration
  • Auto-Swap into (Fiat) Stablecoins
  • and any other DeFi, banking or other solution.


Tixl Roadmap

  • Q2 2019

  • - First ICO phase
    - Internal ledger prototype release
    - External whitepaper audit & result
    - Kickoff consensus algorithm development
    - Kickoff API gateway development
    - Pitch at ANON Blockchain Summit Austria
    - Pitch at Bankingclub Cologne, Germany
    - Release of the first press article
    - Listings on ICO websites
    - Creation of VC compatible pitch deck,
    dispatch to at least 100 VCs
    - Approaches to at least 100 private investors
    and business angels
  • Q3 2019

  • - Second ICO Phase
    - Internal consensus prototype release
    - Internal API gateway prototype release
    - Kickoff Tixl web wallet development
    - Attendance on at least one conference as
    a speaker or for a pitch
    - Release of three more press articles
    - Creation of detailed paper about Tixl’s
    technology stack
    - Depending on Q2 approaches to more
    potential investors
    - Transfer of the ledger prototype to a
    production-ready version.
  • Q4 2019

  • - Third ICO phase
    - Security audit of the Tixl ledger by external
    - Transfer of the consensus algorithm
    prototype to a production-ready version
    - Transfer of the API gateway to a
    production-ready version
    - Attendance on at least one conference as a
    speaker or for a pitch
    - Beta test of the full Tixl software stack
    (ledger, consensus, API gateway, web wallet)
    - List MTXLT on at least one regulated
    - Approaches to potential advisors from the
    - Approaches to potential business partners
    for Tixl as a payment method, this includes
    payment providers, exchanges and banks
    - Improvement of the Tixl web wallet
    - Start of first marketing bounty campaigns
    where MTXLT are used as compensation.
  • Q1 2020

  • - Fourth ICO phase
    - Stress test of Tixl’s software stack in a
    private network
    - Another security audit, this time of the full
    Tixl software stack
    - Focus on deals with business partners
    approached in Q4 2019
    - Bug fixes and performance improvements
    for all of Tixl’s software parts
    - Assembly of an advisory board with
    people approached in Q4 2019.
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  • Q2 2020

  • - Fifth and last ICO phase
    - Announcement of the token swap date
    - Stress test of Tixl’s software stack in an open
    - Start of first development bounty
    campaigns where MTXLT are used as
    compensation for programming software
    parts like e.g. desktop wallets.
  • Q3-Q4 2020

  • - Execution of Tixl’s token swap
    - Tixl network launch
    - Support of business partners integrating
    Tixl in their infrastructure
    - Start to decentralize Tixl by slowly adding
    the first external nodes to the consensus
  • 2021

  • - Tixl is now within the top 5 of all privacy
    coins in terms of market cap and trading
    - Tixl is listed on different major exchanges
    and integrated into well-known payment
  • 2022

  • - Tixl is now within the top 2 of all privacy
    coins in terms of market cap and trading


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Tixl Team

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Max Muelke
Christian Eichinger
CEO & Founder
Sebastian Gronewold
CEO & Founder
Bernd Strehl
Software Engineer
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