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Titan XRP

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Digital Asset Management for Blockchain Capital Markets. Our primary objective is to build a secure product that end users will love and use easily. We have implemented a steady development workflow with a transparent business model. We utilize functionalities from other projects in a dynamic and modular decentralized environment.
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Nov 12, 2018
Feb 5, 2019
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About Titan XRP

Our passion infused with focus drives talent, and talent is the foundation of our innovation. We are here to enlighten, to inspire, and to ignite change for the common good by creating​ better access to a global hedge fund for investors seeking to participate in cryptocurrency and avoid the high barriers to entry.

Titan XRP vastly differs from other funds due to its level of security, having a team with a wealth of experience, and creating a unique business model. The ledger is stored in an underground bunker, in a vault which is under heavily armed guards in an unknown location of which the ledger never leaves the fault under any circumstances. The XRP is then transferred to our traders from inside the vault which requires a certain number of key holders to release.

We have engaged some of the most skilled current & ex-military personnel in the world to ensure that clients’ assets are secured in every way possible. Titan XRP is a fund that is denominated in XRP (Ripple). Investors contribute XRP (Ripple) or Ethereum (ETH) to the Fund, in exchange for Titanization (TNT) Tokens which gives each contributing party a stake in Titan XRP Fund pool. We will be investing in to a wide variety of ventures, tokens, and projects related to blockchain tech, digital currency, and crypto assets. The primary focus will be on existing tokens. The Fund will also invest a portion of its assets into traditional investments such as private equity offerings.

Titan XRP strives to make wealth preservation and wealth accumulation a simple process. Titan XRP is focused on both short, medium & long term innovative risk management strategies. We are a financial ecosystem that respects the fundamental values of the blockchain, with a high priority in maintaining fairness, accessibility, transparency, and trust. Titan XRP focuses on the needs of its client base & aims to make investing easy and straightforward and remove the jargon and technicalities used by many other funds.


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Titan XRP Team

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Leon Campbell
Chief Executive Officer
Michelle Whelan
Chief Operating Officer
Nathan Hayles
Chief Technical Officer
Dylan Bird
Chief Investment Officer


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Francis Whelan MCMI
Specialist Advisor
Adele Josephine King
Investment Advisor

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