Solar Bankers

Solar Bankers

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A global decentralized energy network which allows consumers to generate clean energy in their homes using Solar Bankers’ photovoltaic technologies and trade electricity profitably with their neighbors.
Risk: High
Aug 4, 2017
Dec 31, 2017
100% completed
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Goal 907.00 BTC
Cap 907.00 BTC
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    0.0000504 BTC
    ( Aug 4, 2017 — Sep 29, 2017 )
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    0.000216 BTC
    ( Nov 22, 2017 — Dec 1, 2017 )
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    ( Dec 2, 2017 — Dec 11, 2017 )
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    ( Dec 12, 2017 — Dec 21, 2017 )
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About Solar Bankers

Trade and Profit From Solar Energy

Solar Bankers is working with ShellPay to create SunChain, a community where electricity consumers can produce energy in their homes and sell it to their neighbors. Members of the SunChain install Solar Bankers’ energy-generating equipment to produce electricity, which they can either use of their daily life, store, or sell to their neighbors through smart micro-grids. This system allows homeowners to reduce the cost of electricity and enables each and every user to profit from the solar energy produced in their community. This campaign pertains to the Pre-ICO phase of our fundraiser, which is currently in progress. Solar Bankers' Initial Coin Offering will follow in October-November 2017.

Entrepreneurial opportunities

SunCoin represents the ability to participate in a global network of free energy production and exchange. SunCoin derives its utility from the way in which its provides access to a number of services that go beyond the mere liquidity benefits of a standard cryptocurrency or the single commodity backing of other coins. Owners of SunCoin will be able to: (a) trade SunCoin for other cryptocurrencies or fiat currency; (b) get cheaper and cleaner electricity from other members in the decentralized network; (c) purchase Solar Bankers’ energy-generating equipment to produce energy for private consumption; (d) trade SunCoin for CO2 Emission Certificates. These services are in turn facilitated by a solid and mature company, which is backed by a set of strong soft assets – in the form of a game-changing international patent – and a host of ongoing partnerships and projects, cutting-edge product development, and market expertise.


SunCoin consensus algorithm

SunCoin is based on the Skyledger blockchain, which makes use of a novel type of consensus algorithm that replaces both Proof of Work and Proof of Stake. This “distributed” consensus algorithm, called Obelisk, is a creation of the developers of Skycoin, among whom there are several early programmers of the Bitcoin network.


Solar Bankers Roadmap

  • July-September 2017

  • Pre-ICO
  • October-November 2017

  • Initial Coin Offering
  • October 2017 - June 2018

  • R&D of Smart Meters and Micro-
  • June 2018

  • Setup up of small-scale networks in China to test Smart Meters
  • Read More
  • January 2019

  • End of Testing phase Setup of Final Network
  • June 2019

  • Expansion Network to other countries


Solar Bankers Team

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Alfred Jost
CEO and Founder
Dr Carlo Maragliano
Dana Duncan
Frank Barthen
Marketing Director
Yamila Omar
Chief Analyst


Verified 100%

Jane Zhang
Blockchain Advisor

Solar Bankers Interviews

Jane Zhang
What is your opinion about the project?
Suncoin is a project based on Sky Ledger. The innovative idea of this project is to build a decentralized power system which will make all the devices using electricity into nodes of communication. By using mashnet on our new telecom protocol Sky Wire build on our Peer to Peer network, we can create the next generation of internet which nobody can shut down. This can be the next bitcoin as it is such an innovative idea.
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