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Jun 14, 2019 A Decentralized Marketplace for Digital Assets.
Jul 4, 2019
Jul 11, 2019
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About is a platform which provides traders, investors, and institutional dealers with a decentralized, tested tool to trade digital assets directly with each other (P2P). Unlike centralized exchanges, users retain custody of their assets at all times.

Features Features

Non-Custodial Trading: facilitate wallet to wallet transactions and thus do not hold user assets.

Benefit: At all times, you as the Maker and Taker maintain full custody and control of your funds within your wallet which resides on the Ethereum blockchain.

Automated Trading and Market Making: will provide a real-time web socket API enabling cutting-edge capabilities for automated trading.

Benefit: You can build and connect your personal trading algorithm and trading strategy thanks to a real-time advanced web socket API.

Asset Manager Tool: is developing a non-custodial tool and institutional crypto wallet technology which enables you as an Asset Manager to trade your client’s crypto assets without having custody of your client’s wallets. 

Transaction Mining: The users can obtain STDEX through the Mining mode of "Transaction Mining". Every user reaching a trading volume of worth USDT 1 million within a 30-day period receives 100 STDEX.

Benefit: Receiving STDEX enables you to reduce your transactions fees.

Use Case 1: You trade 1million USDT and pay with base currency (0.15%) app. 150 STDEX which means that you reduce your trading fees by 67% as you receive 100 STDEX.

Use Case 2: You trade 1million USDT and paying with STDEX (0.05%) equals 50 STDEX which means that you earn 50 STDEX in that period as you receive 100 STDEX.

Transaction Fee 
Maker/Taker (%)
0.05 Transaction Fee in STDEX
0.15 Transaction Fee in Base Currency


Benefit: You Receive STDEX and that enables you to reduce your transaction fees. You will pay only ⅓ of the standard transaction fee by paying with STDEX token.

Withdrawal Fees: NO withdrawal fees on 

Margin Trading Short selling and margin trades allow investors to achieve superior risk management with their portfolios. They also increase market efficiency for the underlying asset by helping in price finding and allowing individuals to express more complex opinions on price.

Benefit: You have added purchasing power through leverage of your assets and can purchase more assets than the value of the available cash in your wallet.


Technical Info is a truly decentralized exchange (DEX) that brings the freedom of exchanging digital assets without complexity. Based on Erc20 smart contracts, STDEX supports real-time trading and high transaction throughput. The platform supports limit, market and stop limit orders, gas free cancellation, and the ability to fill multiple trades at once. consists of a smart contract, a trading engine, and a transaction processing arbiter.

The smart contract is responsible for trustless storing all assets and executing trade settlement, and all trades must be authorized by the user’s private keys. However, unlike other decentralized exchanges, the STDEX smart contract is designed such that only the exchange is authorized to submit signed trades to Ethereum blockchain. This enables STDEX to control the order in which transactions are processed, separating the act of trading from final settlement.

As user’s trade, their exchange balances are updated in real-time, while simultaneously their private keys are used to authorize the trade in the contract. This authorization prevents users from rescinding any completed trades and prevents from initiating any unauthorized trades. Authorized transactions are passed to the arbiter which manages 10 the queue of pending transactions, dispatching them in sequence to ensure that each trade is mined in the correct order and that the smart contract balances stay in synch with the exchange balances.

By controlling the transaction sequence, provides the speed and user experience of centralized exchanges combined with the security and auditability of decentralized exchanges. matches that of centralized exchanges while maintaining the security standards only available to decentralized exchanges; real-time trading and high transaction throughput. Roadmap

  • Q3-Q4/2018

  • ● vision, research and concept development (done)
  • Q1-Q2/2019

  • ● STDEX (ERC20) Token creation & Audit (done)
    ● Decentralized Marketplace Platform Development (in progress)
  • Q2-Q3/2019

  • ● Platform Launch - Alpha release
    ● STDEX Token IEO Phase 1 of 2
    ● Platform Launch - Beta release
    ● STDEX Token IEO Phase 2 of 2
    ● Platform launch - GO LIVE
    ● Listing of stable coins, indexes and derivatives
  • Q3-Q4/2019

  • ● Transactions Mining Model feature - development and release
    ● API Connection for automated trading feature - development and release
    ● Margin Trading feature - development and release
    ● Asset Manager Tool - development and release
  • Read More
  • Q1/2020

  • ● Pro GUI
    ● Mobile Apps development

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Florent R.
Full Stack Developer
Bertram Seitz
Roderick Warren


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Florent R.
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
I am a highly experienced Full Stack developer. I am responsible for IT development of our company...
What do you think about idea?
This is the future, therefore I believe that this is the right thing to do, as this is going to change the way people do business with exchange
Bertram Seitz
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
I am Bertram, Co-Founder of, a veteran in the financial industry
with more than 3 decades in capital markets trading, broking and e-commerce.
What do you think about idea?
As we at are strong believers in the blockchain technology and the value of cryptocurrencies to support ecosystems, we decided to contribute to the further development of this new technology by providing a decentralized marketplace where all contributors can exchange digital assets with each other P2P.
Roderick Warren
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
I am Roderick, Co-Founder of, and responsible for platform development. Involved in blockchain and crypto space since 2011 and previously founded
What do you think about idea?
stableDEX is a place for professional and safe stable token trading. Stable tokens will become the entry point for institutions, organizations and the general public and stableDEX intends to be a catalyst to support mass crypto adaption.
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