SPiCE Venture Capital

SPiCE Venture Capital

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A liquid Venture Capital (VC) investment fund.
Feb 1, 2018
Mar 3, 2018
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About SPiCE Venture Capital

From the world of Blockchain we bring:

  • Making VC investments liquid: no more 7-10 year lockups.
  • Making VC investments inclusive: opening up to pre-qualified investors (per country regulations), investing in fiat or cryptocurrencies.
  • A powerful model for investing in pre token sale startups, with VC-grade due diligence, and getting the best terms in the token sales.

From the world of Venture Capital we bring:

  • Robust investment process and due diligence by a team of highly experienced entrepreneurs.
  • Diversification outside crypto, into equity investments across the hottest tech sectors such as AI, AR/VR, IoT, cyber security, etc.
  • Backing tokens by assets, shielding them from market volatility.

We have identified a huge gap, which developed in the last few years in the tech ecosystem.

On one hand, it has become easier for new startups to raise first money for “A team & A dream” from micro funds, thousands of angels, and hundreds of incubators. On the other hand, the next step up the ladder - series A rounds, have grown in size, and so have the milestones that startups must achieve to secure them.

In this growing gap, are hundreds of startups every year, some with amazing teams and products - which need that last push to reach their next funding milestones.

It's all about crossing the chasm.

SPiCE invests only in startups that based on our algorithm, are under 12-18 months away from either a series A round or an ICO:

  • Pick the top 7-9 startups a year, out of 500 in the gap, and invest an average of $1.5M.
  • Help company secure a series A round or launch a serious ICO within 12-18 months.
  • Increase company valuation by 3-5x in a year.
  • Pass the value to our investors through potential influence of increased NAV on SPiCE tokens.
  • Continue to add value to investors as funded portfolio companies advance toward exits.

SPiCE Venture Capital Roadmap

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  • Pre-sale Phase 2

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