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Slice RE

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Slice RE ICO is a company that was founded in early 2018. They are from Hollywood, California, and specialize in real estate investments. Using the security mark, they will be able to cross the border crossing investors to ensure high liquidity and availability.
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About Slice RE

Land is one of the few commodities that they aren’t making anymore of.  It is traditionally a great store of value, and can provide investors with high returns.  Unfortunately, most real estate represents a longer term investment.

In addition to a lack of liquidity, ownership of prime real estate is simply out of reach for most investors.  As the old adage goes, ‘the rich get richer’.  Opportunities are often restricted to accredited investors that have the luxury of contributing large sums of money.How can real estate investments evolve to offer both liquidity and democratization among investors?

Slice RE is aptly named.  They are offering a platform that will give investors the opportunity to own a slice of a piece of real estate.  This type of fractionalized ownership, made possible through a security token, is quickly becoming popular.

The proposed platform, soon to be released by Slice RE, offers investors various structuring on their money.  There are those who may opt for large development projects, that results in infrequent lump sum dividends.  Or there are those who may choose to direct their investments into the purchase of rental properties.  These investors will be the recipient of regular dividends from the profits realized by rental units.  Regardless of your preference on dividend payouts, token value will also increase alongside the natural growth in property value.

An intriguing aspect of Slice RE is that through the use of blockchain, they are opening up high-end RE investing to a new class of investors.  In doing so, they are democratizing real estate investing, by providing the same opportunities to everyone.  Traditionally a platform such as this would be restricted to accredited investors only.  Slice RE, however, is open to anyone willing to invest a minimum of $10,000.

Slice RE Team

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Ari Shpanya
Yev Spektor
Matar Perry
Investor Relations Officer
Tomer Ravid
Chief Investments Officer
Thomas Ghaney
Head of RE
Omer Amsel
Head of Product
Henry Elder
Director, Origination & Investments
Paul Monsen
RE Strategy & Business Development Officer
Miri Shahar
Corporate lawyer, in-house counsel
Shane Mcquillan
Head of Strategy
Robin Chen
Director of Cross Border Investments
Jeff Preston
Director of Underwriting


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Attention. There is a risk that unverified members are not actually members of the team

Brit Yonge
Co-Founder LightYear, Palantir
James Alexander Levy
SurveyMonkey, ycombinator alumni


$45 000 000

Guy Zyskind
CEO & co-founder Enigma
Omer Rabin
Bain, Stanford GSB, Gainsight, Walkme
Omri Barzilay
Media Advisor, Forbes & TechCrunch

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