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Aug 10, 2018

The Sarf ICO project is designed with the aim of helping all people around the world to change, transmit and acquire digital currencies quickly and securely without involvement of central authorities. The Sarf system handles transactions on a consensus, which is a system where servers on the network validate each transaction. If the transfer rate is less than 3 seconds, Sarf can handle 2000 transactions / sec.
Sep, 2018
Nov, 2018
100% completed
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Cap 10 000 000.00 USD
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Aug, 2018
Sep, 2018
100% completed
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Cap 1 000 000.00 USD
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About Sarf

About SARF Project

SARF is a unique and secure token of exchange for global e-commerce that believes that crypto-currencies have the potential to change the world. They can change the entire distribution of wealth, and give the unbanked people access to the same type of financial services that everybody else has. We are building products to enable people to do things that today are just not possible. Regarding Blockchain as a breakthrough technology highlighting potential digital currency developments, have all been keened to improve technology. SARF extends the current Blockchain capabilities today to adapt the technology for enterprise use and an everyday use and an everyday use. The SARF project was developed to help people from all over the world quickly and securely switch, send and receive digital currencies without involving central office. Shortcomings in the current financial infrastructure have led to an increasing popularity of alternative transaction and banking systems. Devices that rely on a distributed network offer faster, more cost-effective transactions with greater security.




SARF Token

The SARF project will have native crypto-currency (SRF), tokens (called stable token), a currency exchange and a credit card. The purpose of the exchange is to allow users to exchange SRF and stable tokens for FIAT currencies and vice versa. The credit card is linked to SARF's wallet (called SWallet) and allows users to make digital currency purchases.


Custom Token

SARF wants to allow individuals and businesses to create their own Tokens. With the use of our tools, users will easily create their own Token by these means. The fee for creating a custom token is 100 SRF.


SARF Exchange

The purpose of the SARF Exchange platform is to enable users to exchange currencies for SARF tokens / Custom tokens and vice versa. Users can exchange SRFs, stable tokens (USDV, EURV, AEDV and CADV) and tokens that they have created with low SARF currency transaction fee depending on the exchange capacity and its use. Sellers can set a replacement price for their currency.



To use the SARF Crypto-currency, wherever the crypto-currencies are not accepted, we offer to all users who use our online wallet a prepaid credit card that can also be linked to SWallet.


Why SARF is different


Secure your Funds

Secure Platform – SARF exchange uses the safest and most effective security technology available. We use the resilient strategy of a multi-purpose wallet to ensure that most assets are kept in the cold room for added security. Likewise, SARF provides authentication for all users and provides a number of additional security features to provide multiple layers of protection. At SARF, safety will always be a priority in every decision we make.


Fast transaction speed

Our highly efficient and automated tracking platform allows us to provide customers with the fastest available transactions available today. This includes updating your account, store, and wallet information.


Accept stable tokens

Easy to promote and use the crypto-currency is just easy. Nobody likes to buy with super unstable currencies because of value fluctuations. These stable currencies can be used as crypto-currency so you can buy and transfer money with them. Stable tokens are designed to maintain their value relative to real currency, and make an excellent store of value with very little fluctuation.


Decentralized network

As an open development platform and having the potentials for network ownership alignment where users don’t have to put trust in a central authority. Decentralizing the network allows you to have control over the entire network by distributing the book to all nodes to use the network, even if the server has problems.

   Payment Machine for Merchants(POS)

Sarf will enable users to make direct payments for goods purchased at their favorites stores by simply using their S Wallet. For this purpose, Sarf will offer the option to provide merchants with NFC-enabled payment machines that will accept payments made with the SWallet.


After creating their Sarf account, merchants will be able to order the payment machine from the Sarf website. Each machine will already have SWallet integration, so, to use the machine, all the merchant will have to do is to start it.


Also, a special app will be designed for small business to let them accept payments of Sarf coins and Stable Tokens through an IOS or an Android device.

Sarf Roadmap

  • Aug - Nov 2018

  • Pre-ICO & ICO
  • Dec 2018

  • XRF Wallet Launch


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Sarf Team

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Moaid Khimi
Elie Chabhar
Lokender Rathore
UI/UX Designer
Manish Kumar
Graphic Designer
Ravi Choud
Lead Developer
Rahul Raj
Designer & Developer

Former members

Zed Sabs
Community Manager
Giovanni Casagrande

Sarf Interviews

Moaid Khimi
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project? What do you think about idea?
I am the CEO of this project, I think people in some parts of the world really need a cryptocurrency that they could use in their daily life, because of the volatility of their currency or any other reason so Sarf could really solve this issue.
5.0 19
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