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To create a totally encased global payment solution powered by Requitix to increase real trust, stop scammers and spammers, introduce zero chargebacks and offer the lowest transaction fee of .5% (Point 5%) to global merchants on the Ethereum blockchain via Smart Contracts.
Risk: High
Mar 1, 2018
Mar 31, 2018
100% completed
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Cap 100 ETH
Hard cap 10 000 ETH
Feb 20, 2018
Feb 28, 2018
100% completed
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About Requitix

The term “Requit" is defined by “Giving something in return" hence why we chose the Requitix name because we’re all about giving back and when it comes to being an online payment solution we believe in giving back something to our customers and that comes in the form of Lower Fees and Higher Profits and we think that’s awesome!

The Requitix solution processes transactions on the Ethereum blockchain. What used to take days now only takes a few minutes and with the new hardfork coming on Ethereum, those few minutes will turn into a few seconds. Try getting a transaction settled with a credit card company or a bank in a few seconds. It’s impossible! But with Requitix, you can do just that!

As with any payment gateway solution there will be transaction fees. What is crazy is that sites like PayPal and Stripe charge 3% of the total transaction. Other gateways like ccBill charge even more plus monthly usage fees and other fees. Not to mention $25 dollar or more in chargeback fee. It’s nothing but fees! With Requitix, one fee of .5%, that’s point five percent, with no other fees, period!


Trusted reviews - real reviews by real customers on the blockchain.
Scammer protection - stop scammers and spammers before they strike.
Mobile payments - pay merchants, friends and family with the click of a button with the RQX mobile app.
Zero chargebacks.
Lowest fees - with requitix you pay 5%.
No tracking - pay anonymously without being tracked. The beauty of the blockchain at your fingers.
Fast transactions - get transactions verified at lightning speed using the requitix system.
Send globally - send RQX internationally across borders quickly and without any middleman.

Technical Info

Technical details:  Ethereum erc20 standard token. The source code:  The code of the product is not available. Proof of developer:  Public team.

Requitix Roadmap

  • Pre-Sale ICO

  • Pre-sale starts and for ever 1 ETH, funders will receive 2000 RQX.
  • ICO Starts

  • During our ICO sale funders will receive 1200 RQX for every 1 ETH.
  • Release of Woocommerce Extension

  • On Jan 1 Requitix will release the Woocommerce extension to use with WordPress.
  • Exchange Listings

  • Requitix will work to get RQX listed on as many exchanges as possible. We are creating value in the meantime.
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  • CMS Addon Releases

  • Requitix will release addons for Drupal, Magenta and Joomla as well as AdvanDate and Boonex.


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Attention. There is a risk that unverified members are not actually members of the team

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Requitix Reviews

Indeed the problems voiced in the project are a scourge of modern e-commerce. Unfortunately competitive struggle is often reduced to undercover games, black PR (dark public relations (DPR)), negative feedback on marketplaces and recommendation sites as well as on the online stores websites. The fight against spam comes with varying success not in favor of normal stores. Internet payments fraud adds even more distrust to Internet trading. The presented service promises to solve the majority of existing and voiced problems. How much the project succeeds is a question that only the Requitix clients can answer.

The question of the feasibility of investing in this project remains open. If the authors claim that the service is already working on one of the dating sites then why not acquaint potential investors with the results of this work, including in monetary terms.

And since it is supposed to begin to implement the service on existing sites why not to calculate the potential economic effect to show the attractiveness of the project as an investment object?

In general, everything is beautifully painted but there are a lot of questions that are not answered.

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Requitix is dissimilar to Inspeer (INSP), FinTab (FNT), Bananacoin (BCO), and several other ICO tokens, as it is a unique e-commerce platform that claims to provide low fees of 0.5%.

In parallel, many other similar ICOs, for example; Mirocana, Qbao, MiniApps are already offering lower fees.

Nevertheless, this cryptocurrency payment does differentiate itself when it comes to providing solutions for fake and falsified reviews, and protection from scammers and spammers. On the fees front, it may have to face competition, but the other two solutions that it is providing may surely help it create a strong base from the investment point of view.

With their pre ICO sale, the company raised sufficient funds to accomplish its tasks, and it hopes to achieve the set target through its ICO crowd sale in March 2018.

This ICO may be liked for its long-term potential, for, there are just a few companies providing protection from fake and falsified reviews, scammers and spammers, and higher profits with minimal fees charges.

Keep in mind though that the Requitix white paper does not shed much light on technical details, and it does not divulge anything about how the platform is going to offer 0.5% fees.

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Requitix is an e-commerce platform that promises to offer low fees of 0.5%. The company implemented a proof of concept on a dating website called With their crowdsale, they plan to raise funds to continue development of the platform and roll it out to new partners – including over 3,000 dating websites catered to niche markets.

Overall, the Requitix whitepaper is light on technical details. It’s a 16 page whitepaper that only touches briefly on how the platform works. We know the core features of the platform, but we don’t know any technical details of how the platform works, or how they’re able to offer 0.5% fees.

Nevertheless, not all whitepapers reveal technical details like this.

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