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We are a real estate company. Come and visit our website. We want that you invest with us. We give twice beneficts. The first one its a share of each deal that we give it on BTC or ETH. The second one its with the raise of the token for the success of the company.
Risk: Very High
Nov 17, 2017
Jan 31, 2018
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About RealtyCoin

RealtyCoin its a way to invest in real estates. Its known that properties are the most secure investments over the world, so your coins will be based on a business that moves trillions. Also one of the most important things is that part of the profit of each deal, go direct to the investors benefits, so, your investment will grow with us, reducing the volatile risk.
10% of the profit of each deal go direct to the inversors.

Connectivity its one of the most interesting charasteristics of this kind of business. We buy and sell real estates or any kind of properties on any place of the world. If we found a good opportunity, we buy. That is a good chance for all the people, you can offer us any property and all win.
You can invest wherever you are, you can be on Japan, Chile, United States, Ukraine or Jamaica. Invest in Real Estate and keep your money safe.

In each real estate deal that we concrete, we going to share the 10% of the profit with our investors. That benefict of our investors, its going to be payed with bitcoins to each one, so, you can win twice, on each deal and when we grow as company, because  the price of the coin will raising too, so you have at least two beneficts with us.

We want that the realtycoin be a payment method on for real estate transactions. We going to work with builders companies and real estates agents over the world, so, we expect that be accepted and make greater the realty coin.

RealtyCoin Roadmap

  • October-November 2017

  • Study Of Real Estate Opportunity Market We took our time to study the real opportunity of buy real estates on good price and sell it on a better one. We found the need of too much people to sell right now. We did two transactions and verify that its a real good business.
  • November first week 2017

  • Constitute Inversiones Derezunsky SpA With about 7 years of experience on real estate, we decided constitute this company and share my work with all the world. So, the tax id is 76.797.127-3, under the legal name inversiones derezunsky SpA, owner of the realtycoin.
  • November 17 2017

  • PreSale Start 40% of bonus. The minimum buy its 0.5 ETH or 0.025 BTC The 0.5 ETH = 1410 RTC Estimated Price of each RTC = 0.12 USD
  • November 23 2017

  • Posting Some Real Estate Opportunities We found a few opportunities that we think that can be a good deal for get a good profit. Remember that the 10% of the profit shared with the investors will be payed in BTC or ETH.
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  • December 17 2017

  • End Of PreSale Deadline for earn 40% Bonus. Also, we going to publish results of the PreSale. Starting the Ico Sale.
  • December 18 2017

  • Start Of Ico First Stage: Buy More than 0.5 ETH 25% Bonus/Less than 0.5 ETH 20% Bonus Second Stage: Buy More than 0.5 ETH 15% Bonus/Less than 0.5 ETH 10% Bonus Third Stage: Buy More than 0.5 ETH 10% Bonus/Less than 0.5 ETH 5% Bonus…
  • January 31 2018

  • Ico Sale Finish The token sale its over. We publish the last results and start to send the Distribute of token revenue and holder income.
  • February 5 2018

  • Distribute Token Revenue And Holder Income
  • February 7 2018

  • RealtyCoin Start Process To Join To Exchanges We expect be on the principal exchanges like bittrex, yobit, kraken, poloniex, etc…
  • March 2018

  • RealtyCoin Accepted As Payment Method We have some contacts on different builders companies and real estate agencies. We going to work hard to make that realtycoin be accepted as method of payment valid for all the operation of the real estates or properties.


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RealtyCoin Team

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RealtyCoin Reviews

Is Realty Coin RTC ICO A Good Investment?
Keep in mind; the sole investment decision lies with you. However, I cannot fail to point out signs of RealtyCoin as a viable idea. An open positive is that this project might boost real estate globally by penetrating individual boundaries. With the use of blockchain technology, the RealtyCoin offer a decentralized cryptocurrency with a smart contract on Ethereum. This will boost confidence in the project to people across the globe and will enable investing in assets regardless of borders.

Additionally, investors in RealtyCoin are getting to become part of a pioneer efforts to revolutionize real estate agency. Amidst the project, RealtyCoin will act like international real estate investors, and brokers combined. All an investor has to do is finance the ICO and wait for RTC make a profitable asset investment.

Realty Coin Red Flags
On the other hand, there are signs of the project that you put into consideration. For starters, the project operates only from Chile. This can be a significant hurdle if a financier of RealtyCoin wants to meet the team. However, the group plans to move into other countries once its progress. The project can also turn out to be a Ponzi-scheme regardless of the corrupt free aspects of Chile. Additionally, the current real estate market is highly volatile, and there no longer exists a 100% profit return on investments. And it would take a substantial cultural shift before real estate accepts cryptocurrency.

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