Real Estate Token

Real Estate Token

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
A decentralized, blockchain based real estate platform.
Apr, 2018
Jun, 2018
100% completed
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Jan 22, 2018
Jan 31, 2018
100% completed
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Oct 18, 2017
Oct 25, 2017
100% completed
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Cap 800.00 ETH
Hard cap 1 500.00 ETH
  • 1 HCT
    0.0005 ETH
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About Real Estate Token

The Platform “RET” (Real Estate Token) is created to solve the housing problem of a huge number of people. Since currently in the traditional rental market (as residential, as commercial) real estate tenants are a priori the losing side at real estate transactions. Tenants pay only for the right to use real estate within a limited time without receiving anything more in return. To change this situation, the “RET” will provide a tool for collective funding, which can be used by a large number of people.

Funds collected for ITO will be used to buy a real estate, which will then be rented, in order to income generation (rental payments) and its subsequent distribution between investors and tenants. Tenants, as participants of the “RET”, will receive part of the distribution of income. That will allow them to purchase real estate in the future. Bringing together investors and tenants, the “RET” satisfies the interests of all its participants. Providing investors with crypto token RET – liquid income-generating asset, renters receive an unprecedented opportunity to convert a part of the funds from each rental payment to RET tokens. For which they can purchase real estate or use RET tokens for other purposes.

The task of the “RET” team is to create the most decentralized and self-regulated organization with a minimum number of intermediaries. Inside the platform “RET”, all interaction processes will be defined by the participants themselves.


The “RET” unites the interests of tenants, investors and property owners.
1) By purchasing RET tokens, investors, receive a stable asset that provides income from rental payments. If desired, investors can purchase real estate presented on the platform, using tokens RET as a means of payment.
2) Property owners, by placing their property on the platform, get rental income. Also owners can sell their property for tokens RET, receiving a liquid asset that generates income from rental payments.
3) Tenants became able to rent a property in any city, country and for each rental payment, they receive RET tokens, which they can use to purchase real estate.

Real Estate Token Roadmap

  • Idea. May 2017

  • Shaping the future image of the platform "RET"
  • Concept. July 2017

  • The concept of the "RET" platform has been developed The main types of smart contracts necessary for the self-organization of the "RET" platform are identified
  • Pre-ITO 18 - 25 October 2017

  • The release of HCT tokens Development of the "RET" platform architecture
  • November -December 2017

  • Development of the "RET" platform architecture Marketing and preparation for Seed-ITO Placement of HCT tokens on the exchange
  • Read More
  • Seed-ITO 22 - 31 January 2018

  • The release of HAT tokens Placement of HAT tokens on the exchange Development of the "RET" platform architecture Marketing and preparation for ITO
  • 1 quarter 2018

  • Testing the "RET" platform Launch of the market rent in test mode Development of legal documentation Analysis of the real estate market, the search for perspective objects Preparing to run the platform "RET" Marketing and preparation for ITO
  • ITO 2 quarter 2018

  • The release of RET tokens; Placement of HCT tokens on the exchange.
  • The launch of the platform "RET" 2 quarter 2018

  • The launch of the platform "RET" First acquisition of real estate objects


30 Days Growth:

Real Estate Token Team

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Zubov Yuriy
Ibragimov Albert
Maloshtan Julia
Kuchin Dmitriy
Filatov Boris
Investment Director
Prudnikova Anastasia
Back-end developer
Arutyunov Kirill
5.0 12
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